Saturday, January 20, 2007

A walk through history – Ajanta & Ellora

I turned green with envy as I watched the long trail of little uniform clad kids flitted from one cave to another. From a distance the long line looked like a train of colourful ants busy saving for winter in the caves on the horseshoe-shaped rock mountain of Ajanta. They were on a school picnic, but I was on my so-called honeymoon. 20 years distanced them from me. But the differences ended there.

The school kids and I had something in common – reverence for the magnificent sculptures and frescoes at Ajanta and Ellora caves and the bliss of actually treading through structures that you have only read about in your history text books and dreamed of visiting when you became ‘big’.

The little girl in me jumped up with joy as she joined the line of very excited 10 year olds.

Let me unfold my journey of Ajanta and Ellora caves and Aurangabad through my faithful Canon’s eye

Kissed by the sun
The sun-kissed flower that welcomed us in Aurangabad.

Ellora Caves - Kailasa Temple
Kailasa temple – Ellora caves

Panorama Kailasa Temple 2
Ellora caves – Panorama

Ajanta Caves
A part of the Ajanta caves

Daulatabad fort - CHAND MINAR
Chand Minar of Daulatbad fort
Daulatabad fort, built progressively from 12th century A.D. to 1300 A.D., had some very impressive defence mechanisms. Secret mazes, complex zigzag entryways, the usual deep trench moat, poisoned dark chambers and much more – all of them came alive through the dramatic narration of our erudite guide.

Aurangabad amrut all made up
My fav picture from the trip.

More pictures here.


Shanks_P said...

Nice snaps, keep clicking
I have added a link from my blog, hope u don't mind.


Anonymous said...

beautiful shots what else can i say !

ok Bye

oh before stopping !

past week i think i saw u at kunnamangalam with one or two of ur friends !


by the by its hard to comment on ur blog because of the word verificaation ! use to read ur blog weekly but its difficult to comment every time !

hope u havent seen me !

pravin said...

ah. I'm going to ellora this summer. looks like a neat place :D thanks

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Thanks for the link and the compliment!


Thanks! Btw it might have been my ghost at Kunnamangalam :)
I am no longer in Kozhikode.

Enjoy your Aurangabad trip. But u want to dare it in summer? Rock and scorching sun is definitely not a good combo. Take care!

Sinu Kumar said...

Nice post on ajanta caves, The rich carvings, murals and sculptures of these caves offer real surprise to the visitors. The sculptures and the murals well depict the way of life that existed in that time.

Keep up the good work, i'll be back soon. hope to find some more interesting posts in the future.

warm regars - Sinu

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Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey Sinu,

Good to see you here!

Anonymous said...

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