Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My car

And oh yes, here’s my car happy to be in Matheran :)

Indigo 12

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Matheran – Trees always made me happy :)

So you can easily imagine the state of my mind when was I right in the middle of a forest and specially, the cleanest one.

Matheran 005

Adorned by Mumbaikers as one of the favourite weekend getaways, Matheran or “Woodlands Overhead” was my home for a weekend. The place had such an effect on my mind and body that I am sure I am gonna go back there very soon.

It has to be the best hill station mainly cause of these simple reasons

- It is small. You can go for a walk and cover the entire place in a day.

- It is clean. No vehicles allowed.

- Great food. Everywhere.

- Not many humans to add exceptions to this clean green place.

- Pure air. Your body thanks you for giving it such a treat.

Yup, I am ga-ga over Matheran. Some pictures of this lovely place can be seen here.

I was not able to take too many pictures this time. I was so busy enjoying the place and drooling over it that I forgot all about my Canon. Never mind, it will be amended in the next visit.

Some facts and gyan and muse and more

- Matheran is a Marathi term for “Woodlands Overhead

- It is located on a sidetracked plateau of the Western Ghats and is around 804 meters above sea level.

- It is around 90 Kms away from Mumbai and took us around 3 hours to reach the top from our home in Kanjur Marg.

- There are a variety of transport options available. Mumbai local train and then a toy train or a reckless coming-apart-from-the-seam taxi through the hairpin curves. But we preferred to take our car out for a spin. It was enjoyable. But the curves could be difficult to maneuver. My car was panting more than I have ever done in the gym.

- Vehicles are NOT allowed once you reach the base of Matheran. Your transportation mechanism could be your own Nataraja travels or a horse’s or someone else’s, who would carry you on a make-shift palanquin for a few hundred bucks. I wonder whether they charge after sizing up their customers!

Matheran 092
The beguiling driveway leading to Mathran.

- The number of monkeys in this hill probably outnumbers the human population.

- Time stops still here. Or so it seems. The leisurely pace in Matheran is so therapeutic compared to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Not to mention the healing orchestra by crickets and their related family.

- Food. YUM. Period.

- If you are staying in a hotel that employs a Gujarati chef, mind you, he will ensure that you overeat. He will goad you so lovingly that you end up blaming yourself if you somehow muster enough courage to dismiss the third helping back to the kitchen. Though the food is yummy, the quantity you end up consuming might negate the clean hill station effect.

Matheran 021
See, more horses than men and women

- Riding on a horseback can be a very relaxing experience. Makes you feel very powerful, at the same time you feel small vis-à-vis the powerful horse. Wishlist addition: Wanna learn horseback riding.

- It might be the cleanest hill station, but there’s still one pollution. Horse shit. It’s everywhere. There are people specially employed to clean it up, and it’s not so bad.

- If you miss the Lonavala chikki, don’t worry, you can get them all here.

- Believe it or not, there are 36 major viewpoints in Matheran. Yup, it’s beautiful everywhere. I almost christened another viewpoint in my name, just when I heard that it was taken an hour back! So close!

Matheran 054
The lovely sunset view.

- Came across this peddler who had some curios to offer. And now the body massager (that can very well pass off for a pre-historic toy version of a car) and a hand carved wooden bust (which provides a resting place for our goggles), have found themselves a cosy place in our home and life.

- If you are planning on a trip to Matheran, mind you, do not go by the photos that the hotels put up at their websites. The place I stayed in had a swimming pool the size of a water tank. I suggest you block a couple of options, and decide once you reach there.

PS: I can’t remember using so many bullet points before my MBA. Good or bad? Somehow, I do not get a good feeling. True, as a student, I was always advised to write my answers in bullet points – right from my school days. But now I feel like I am restricting it by trying to fit it into a structure. It sometimes gets so much in the way of elucidation, which makes me want to pick up all those dots and dashes and lock them away in a hidden chest.

PPS: Blabbering a little too much? I guess the bench of an IT company makes you a little demented at times. Not to mention the mood swings that it subjects you to.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I watched.....

I watched Blood Diamond, my diamonds are less dearer to me now.

I watched Parzania, I couldn't sleep that night.

I watched Salaam- ẻ-Ishq, I sighed over the lost time and money!

Next time, I decided, I'll just go for a walk and watch the birds against the blue sky.