Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rave party - An interesting take

It's been two days and all the newspapers are still screaming about the police's timely crackdown on the rave party in Pune. While you might have joined the majority in the country who would sigh over the devolving youth in the country, here's an interesting world-view by Mayank Shekhar on the same.



Taurus said...

What excatly is a Rave Party??? I had the chance to attend quite a few in Goa during my college days. Great Music, mostly trance and a lot of hippies.. and that was all. The effects were quite fantastic as it was inside caves or on the beach with a lot of flourescent lighting and strobes.. But I never found any drug induced couple frolicking in the open.. Nothing of the sort that finds mention in the media. Maybe I was at the wrong party.. and thank god for that..

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey Taurus,

Be glad that you were not at the rave party in Pune. Might have been your 2 minutes of fame that might not have enjoyed much.

Good day!