Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Alibaug – Kashid: Another Mumbai getaway

Alibaug - Kashid beaches

If you are in Mumbai and if you are ready for a 3 hour drive along good roads to spend a weekend at the beach, Alibaug is the place to be in!

Well, it is not exactly the best beach I have been to, but it comes pretty close to the top contenders for various reasons.

1. Shallow. Period.
You can walk and walk and walk and still feel the ripples on your ankles. That's how shallow Alibaug beach is.

2. Forts.
My main motive to visit this beach was to see one of the so called sea-forts. And it was worth the visit.

3. Food.
Hotels serving lip smacking home cooked food.

4. Sparse.
A couple of couples and some families were the only crowd in these beaches. We almost felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. A dearly welcome respite from the over-populated Mumbai streets.

5. Clean air.

6. Vast expanse of trees.

It's got all the ingredients for a perfect tranquil weekend in the beach. Whether you want to just lie around listening to the stories whispered by the waves unsolicitedly, or read a book or gorge on sea-food or walk on the smooth sands with moonlight making it all the more romantic for you or just catch up on some zzzzz on one of the numerous hammocks under a Casuarina, think no more and head to Alibaug/Kashid beaches.

A caveat. If you are looking for exciting water sports and stunning scenic beauty, you are better off not making the visit. For me, Kappad and Varkala beaches remain the most beautiful beaches in India.


Hard to Handle said...

This is torture for me... I miss the beaches....esp when I am now surrounded by mountains. This post cruelly reminds me of what I'm missing.

Although I'm planning a trip to Bombay this summer with friends and maybe can Alibaug it! Just thinking of it has already made me feel better. Cant wait!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey H2H,

Summer in Mumbai makes the mercury cross the 40 mark. Alibaug at that time might not be a good idea. You might have to return with a sunburn instead of a sexy tan.

Deepak Panigrahy said...

Well, it has been quite a time I Have been to Mumbai...will definitely plan a weekend when I happen to visit Mumbai in future..

Hard to Handle said...

Ha ha ha... girl! There goes my summer vacation down the drain along with the possible hope of a sexy tan :D
But coming to Mumbai in July I am, no rain, shine or 40 degree temp will hopefully deter me.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Don't worry! You can get a tan just walking around in Mumbai summer.

And you are always welcome to Mumbai. July would be the thundering monsoon time here though.

Jaguu... said...

Hiya BeachComber err Lover.. :P

How are u? Hmm since you like beaches so much I would like to suggest to you to make a detour to Muzhappilangad Beach. It is a Amazing drivin in beach.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hey Jaguu,
Good to see you back here!

Btw I have been to Muzhappilandad beach. Catch some pics here.

It was a great experience driving in that beach.

Sathish said...

Some of the best beaches are in.. no prizes for guessing.. Goa!

Baga & Anjuna twins with their mountains and trees environment

Sinquerim - the queen of beaches, absolutely tranquil, fort aguada begins right at the sea. No words to explain the beach resort of Aguada

Margao - River Mandovi gently joining the sea and cruises at night.. The floating boat restaurants..

Karwar - In Karnataka to the south of Goa, foothills of ghats at the beach and so many mini islands.. When insane celebrities spend billions to buy one in Arab beaches, you get multiple islands all for yourself..

Haven't tested the Kerala beaches yet..

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