Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Elephant or common man?

Pic taken during Thrissur Pooram 2007. Photo courtesy: Prasanth Krishna, one of my numerous cousins :)

Definitely elephant is heavier and is a celebrated animal in Kerala. But that's not what I want to point out. Any idea who gets more importance in the small state called Kerala in the Indian subcontinent? Read along.

Some extracts from recent news items

An elephant survey is conducted in 2007 in three States simultaneously to avoid duplication.

Extensive use of Global Positioning System for confirming the location of the elephants was one of the features of the survey.

The survey was simultaneously conducted in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for avoiding the duplication of the numbers.

The previous elephant survey was conducted in 2005.

And just a month ago…..

1931 survey to remain basis for OBC quota.

The central government wanted to use a sample survey covering a few villages and minuscule percentage of population and based on the 1931 census, the last caste-based head count, as the benchmark for determining backwardness of OBCs — socially, economically and educationally — and for continuing with the 27% reservation to them.

So, elephant or common man?