Tuesday, June 26, 2007


You are walking around in an aquarium. You are happy to be there with your family. You admire the wide variety of fish swimming around you, happy in their own worlds, with their own families. You have had an early breakfast today and start thinking.....

"That fish looks so neat. I wonder what it'll taste like!"

You place an order for the fish to be fried and sent to your table. The fish now exists in bits and pieces in your tummy.

End of aquarium visit ....er...picnic .....er... carnage

Displayed at a restaurant at Albert Dock, Liverpool
I know it's not exactly the same in the ad above, but I am sure we are not far away from the day when this will be reality. We are almost there!

I am glad I was raised as a vegetarian. Now I continue to be one purely by choice.


rinchen said...

Eeee... sounds disgusting. On the other hand, being the non-veg that I am, I am also aware that I am being acutely hypocritical eating dead animals and pretending they were never alive once.

Now thats indeed food for thought!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Yeah, exactly!

You tend to forget that the fish you admire at the aquarium or in the zoo or on Animal Planet are the ones you kill indirectly for a meal!

Anyway, all this small person can do is, shout about it and hope to inspire at least someone.

AaaDee !! said...

:))hahaha ! I dont know why but m smiling..

Priya here in US, we are already there. Yesterday only, one of my friends told me o try @ a place where we can select a fresh one and order :)

I think its annoying to you..but..!

Anonymous said...

Yes, here in the US many places, esp. Japanese places have this already.


sreevidhya said...

hi Priya
I completely agree with your opinion
I think everyone who is a Non-veg should read this and be considerate about it

Anonymous said...

Well, the tiger sees the herd of chital and thinks "Haven't eaten since last week; that 30day old chital calf looks slow and weak. Chalo... lunch karle the he". Carnivores are part of Nature's foodchain & have a role to play in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Like it or not, the Primate order (to which Man belongs) is omnivorous. Cannibalism exists in the animal world. Plants are living beings. Animal protein is better in terms of nutrition vis-a-vis cereals/pulses.

While indiscriminate red-meat consumption leads to hypertension, cardiac problems & is also linked to certain cancers, limiting consumption of meat products could reduce health issues.

Problem is more to do with the way poultry/sheep/cattle/pigs are reared, transported and slaughtered than with non-veg consumption. Animal farming today has economic/environmental/ethical/health/moral implications which don't get the attention they deserve. Better economies have led to higher intake of meat which has spurred industrial-scale rearing of beef/sheep/poultry which has led to large-scale deforestation & Mad-cow-disease among other hazards.

Anonymous said...

Err, the previous rant was by moi - Pavithra

Irvin Sabastian N J said...

hum ! this is becoming a common thing now ! u just step to a restaurant and order whaz swiming in the tank ! u can actually pick which one u want to be in ur plate !

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It's already there in US and Japan? :|

Thanks, Shreevidhya!

Hey Pavithra,
I get your point. But don't agree with it. It's hard to believe that we were meant to be omnivores with our set of not-so-suitable-to-eat-raw-meat set of teeth.
Anyway, thanks for dropping in!

rinchen said...

Being completelty random and off the topic, I want to say 'one a non-veg, always a non-veg'? I pesonally cant imagine food without some kind of animal in it...

Although its a good idea to veg it more often than otherwise cause thats the healthy stuff.

As for choose-you-own-live-animal, then-wait-cook-eat is a concept that's not so appealing for me. Albeit, freshness and all notwithstanding, I prefer a butcher's shop where 'meat' is available and not 'animals'.

Inevitably, same difference but dont want to know more, dont want to care less.

dr saurabh bhatia said...

i guess this has always been in vogue. When we go to a local butcher shop and ask for a fresh chicken (full) of 1-2 kg, he brings out 3/4 hens and you choose the one on looks/weight and in another 5 mins he chops it up and gives it to you. fish sounds somewhat novel coz most of india is not sea-food eating variety. indians mostly hog chicken and mutton while prawns, crabs, tunas are lower in the list.

but true, the swimming fish are cosmetically more appealing than a chic which is spending a wretched life in an overcrowded cage; begging to be killed to be relieved of the agony of farm life

juan said...

er, um. hey! plants are alive too! so, er- it is the same!

heh, yeah, i am a sea food lover. c'mon it's the food chain! it's nature!


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Point noted Rinch. It's just that once it becomes a habit and a part of our lives, we wouldn't want to change it. Right?

Saurabh, yesterday there was a program on a local BBC channel that had 5 die-hard non vegetarians spending a day at a farm. Getting to know how these animals suffer. just so that they can fulfill their lives as a tasty meal for us. The host of the show successfully converted one of them into a vegetarian at the end of the show!

And Juan, good to see you back, you sea-food lover!