Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Lake District, England

Very poetic Windermere

A dear friend of mine once told me, “Do you know that Lake District is home to William Wordsworth? No wonder he is such a great poet; the place is so beautiful, anyone will be inspired to write beautiful poetry there.”


Now there’s a point. I agree that Lake District is extremely picturesque. You can see for yourself from these pictures here. But not so sure about the poetry bit though. All I got when I came back from Lake District was a fridge magnet souvenir and a parking ticket, the astronomical fine in which didn’t look very poetic to me!

The place I went to is called Windermere Lake and, is the largest natural lake in England. I went there during the British summer, but mind you, I had to retreat inside during the cruise, due to the chilly winds at the upper deck. That’s the summer there!

Places to look out for if you are planning a trip to Lake District – Windermere Lake Cruises, Ambleside village, Lake District National Park, Cars of the Stars Motor Museum, Cumberland Pencil Museum , Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum, Haig Colliery Mining Museum, Honister Slate Mines and the Aquarium of the Lakes. And you miss half the fun if you are not driving down there. The journey is just as beautiful as the destination!


annu pillai said...

Lovely pictures and really a very beautiful place!!Have heard a lot about it.

Maddy said...

We were there last year this time, just before we moved out of UK andto the USA!!! Nic eplace, we drove from Stafford to Windermere and back...

rinchen said...


Anonymous said...

Parking ticket?? U own a car? U r richhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... can u pls support us poorer mortals?



Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hired car :¬

I got the parking ticket canceled though. My hotel address made the officer think that I am a tourist and he didn't want to charge a tourist :)