Monday, July 23, 2007

Hyde Park

Hyde Park in all its glory

- The largest park in Central London.

- 3000 trees. What more could a tree lover want?

- All spots are potential picnic spots. It's so beautiful and fresh and clean everywhere! You feel as if it has just been created!

- And there's so much happening either at the Bandstand or at the Speakers' corner or there's a roller skating club whizzing by or people jogging or swimming or rowing or horse riding or sleeping or getting some tan or sleeping or enjoying a picnic or reading a book. (See the next post to know what book they were reading!)

- I went on a small visit to the Park and ended up spending a whole day picnicking there!

I've always wanted to visit Hyde Park, and I just did. It ended up a place not just crossed off my list - I am sure I'll visit it many more times.

More pics here.


Anonymous said...

Looks like I can count you to help us plan a list of must-see back-to-nature spots in and around London :-)

- J

PS: Cant hold this question back anymore... didja hug atleast a tree?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

My dear J,

Don't expect me to help you out with that one. You let me down last time, when I spend a good one hour planning your trip to Kerala!

And looks like you haven't seen the pics yet. I hugged so many trees, my hubby was J :P

rinchen said...

Have heard SO much about Hyde Park! Lucky girl you are... This one and Central Park - two places I want to visit before I depart for the big meadow above :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Yup me too :)