Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter mania

The new Potter book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released this Saturday.

- People all over the world were waiting in line all day and all night to get their hands on the book first thing when the shop opens and to make sure that they do get the book before the store runs out of the copies!

- When I went to Hyde Park this weekend, I was amazed to see that of all the people who were reading in the park, around 90% had their noses buried inside the new Harry Potter book.

- And same case in the tube! People were reading Harry Potter as if their lives depended on it. They were reading it while they were on the train, they were reading it on the escalator, they were reading it while they were walking on the platforms! I wouldn't be surprised if they gave up sleeping till they finished the book.

- I saw this family which has bought two copies of the book so that their two children don't fight over who gets to read first.

- And this couple, who have each bought a Harry Potter book and were racing with each other to finish it.

- And what started as a children's book has been happily accepted by the grown-ups as well! I saw more 18+ reading the book than 10-15 year olds.

- And I am not even talking about all the records it has broken in 2 days!

Ms. Rowling must be very happy!


hash said...

mrs.bookworm did not specify whether she has the Harry Collection or is she too old for it ?? :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well, Mr. Hash, GWBE has not contributed directly to Mrs. Rowling's purse yet. Hope that answers your question.
Were you looking to borrow from me? :)

hash said...

well maybe , that could be one more thing that i ll be borrowing from you !!
u know sharing helps ( from my point of view :) )

Anonymous said...

My sad Potter story :-(

Called up Blossoms on Friday evening to confirm if they were indeed planning to open shop at 430 am as promised.. Got an affirmation.. Planned to wake up at 445 am since I had a 615 am train to catch to Chennai.. Decided to board at Cantonment rather than City to get those extra 5 mts and also since Church street is closer to Cant

Manage to get an auto early morning and after much haggling convince him to stop briefly at Church street on the way to Cant. Auto reaches Blossom at 520 am. 80 madder Potter fans are already lined up and the damn shop is still not open. Curse, swear and leave for Chennai

Reached Chennai at 130 pm after a delay. Alighted at Central to see a family (66 yr old paati, 45ish lady, 12 yr old kid and a Potter book) that pissed me off more.

Took an auto to go to Adyar. Saw a father drive a bike on the way and his daughter sitting behind and reading Potter (and she seemed to be 80% done)

Reached my cousin's house and lo, there was a Potter in their house. Uncle had woken up at 7 to stand in the Odyssey queue to pick up a copy for my teenaged cousin.

sad story and sad ending na.... wait...

came back on monday to Blore and first mail in my inbox was the pdf... life rocks :-)

- J

Girl With Big Eyes said...


So, finished it? Btw I haven't seen a mail from you with a pdf attachment yet!

rinchen said...

I got my copy of HP on the 21st evening, the day it got released. Read it and re-read it just to make sure.

I think the book's quite dark this time considering the number of deaths and all. But I liked the book anyways. I am a Rowling fan anyways unless I've been Imperiused :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Wow the pleasures of the teaching profession. Paid leave of 2 months every year. And people like us have to wait for maternity leave for such a break! And I won't call that a vacation!

I am J Rinch!

chak said...

am also a big potter fan. read the book (e-book) and finished reading it in 18 hours with my wife cursing me half the time! BTW, i ordered a book online but didn't get it on time. I always knew i'll get a soft copy but want to be honest to the lady who has put so much of effort.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hmm that's a nice gesture! But there must be very few people like you who read soft copy of the book and also buy the hard copy to compensate the writer. Bravo!