Thursday, September 20, 2007

Digs that make you go OUCH!

Hey, call me when your life expectancy catches up with your inflation rate.

Cape Verde
Millions visit your island nation... to refuel their planes!

Czech Republic
The country that explains why Kafka never wrote a happy story.

Too bad you can't build a warm sunny day out of Legos.

The only nation brave enough to say "Let those offshore oil reserves wait. We've got a good thing going with these peanuts and palm kernels."

Where Europe meets Asia and says "Hey, why don't we both dump our crap here?"

Come visit our country, but make sure you also have an afternoon activity.

Home to eight of the world's highest peaks; nine if you count your unemployment rate.

A nation so richly diverse, you can walk into a single neighbourhood and find cholera, dengue fever, malaria, typhoid, and plague.

More digs here from Conan O'Brien Hates My Homeland. It’s interesting to note why Conan came up with the list in the first place.


rinchen said...

Oh my! The link was priceless. You made my day :D

My faves out of the whole list were the countries of Guinea, Jamaica, South Korea (oh man!), Kuwait, Panama (!!!) & Taiwan.

Girl With Big Eyes said...


A pleasure!

Vishy said...

I have asked u this q on campus as well..from where on earth do u get these links??

rakuboy said...

nice.... made my day too!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It's difficult to explain, but would say try StumbleUpon. You can find a link to SU at the bottom of my page on the right pane.