Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dishoom dishoom over IIMK

If you are part of the IIM fraternity, I am sure you must have already come across these articles published in LiveMint. If not, you might want to read them to get a crash course on the amazing shortcut to increase your readership in one day!

Does IIM’s location matter?

IIM-K’s past still points to trouble at Shillong IIM

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, you might want to read this ('Problems needn’t cloud efforts and performance of IIM-K’) just to find out what IIMK has to say about all this.

It’s surprising that the author of the first article conveniently forgot to consider placement track records, industry appreciations, the knowledge base, the alumni who have reached places and so many more factors that are important to someone who wants to do an MBA. Can IIMK's achievements on these factors be pure luck inspite of the location disadvantage?

And oh, there’s another trick to increase readership. Bschool surveys. How can people who fail miserably at analysing something as simple as this be trusted to do something as complex as B-school rankings?

One question. You wrote CAT. You got calls from IIMK and from a second rung B-school in a metropolitan city. Which one would you join?

I joined IIMK after turning down XLRI and then some more. And I did not even apply to the so called second rung Bschools. And, no regrets at all!

So my dear MBA/IIM aspirants, please don’t fall prey to these surveys and articles which have their own invisible agenda. If you want to make an informed decision talk to the alumni of the Bschools in your consideration set, talk to the faculty and if possible, visit the school. It’s going to be home for you for 2 years and will most probably have a deep impact on you and your life and you wouldn’t want a newspaper riding on readership-adrenaline-boost to make that decision for you, would you?

Would you go to a less exciting amusement park, just because EsselWorld is so far away from the city?
Would you miss EsselWorld just because a newspaper printed a blown-up advertisement about the second-rung Bschool?


rinchen said...

Hmmm... I studied in REC Calicut (Kozhikode) for 4 years and my hometown of Sikkim is about FOUR days by train from it. My point is, location shouldnt be a problem for those willing to get a good education.

Deepak Panigrahy said...

Very Well said. After all, IIM is IIM, IIT is IIT and IIIT is IIIT. Noone can beat them ever.

VKM said...

Seriously, some of these surveys make me sick and their methodologies are so concorted. Had written about one some time back. Such ingenuity they have!

Anonymous said...

"talk to the alumni of the Bschools in your consideration set, talk to the faculty and if possible, visit the school."

And you expect these to be honest?? They are as good (or should I say as bad) as the surveys

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Well said. And it's not just students, even industry bigwigs don't mind travelling that extra mile. But it does pose a problem to attract good faculty to stay in a sleepy place like Kozhikode. We've had instances where professors had to leave due to family problems that arise due to the location. But then, it is more than made up by the visiting faculty. So no worries.

Good to see you here!

I remember reading about your take on the surveys and I am sure you would have seen it all while deciding where to study. Anyway media will be media will be media!

Don't really agree with you Anon. The students/faculty have no hidden interest to distort facts. We are not building a football team where you try to pick the best of the lot as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

IIMK after turning down XLRI ?? Would someone have done the same if it was IIMA or IIMB instead of XLRI ?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Of course not. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

"We are not building a football team where you try to pick the best of the lot as soon as possible."

What do these institutes do then?? I tot the pick the best of the lot year after year.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Read the complete sentence my dear anon.

The key is - 'as soon as possible.'

There's no hurry or pressure for a B-school to pressurise all who have cleared their process to join them. We have no dearth for smart people in India, do we?

Anonymous said...

it still holds with "as soon as possible" key..

Neither do the football clubs force all the players to join them. I dont see any difference between county cricket, football clubs and B, T Schools..

And yes we do have a dearth of smart peoples in India as many migrate to UK

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Peace anon :)
Thou art digressing!

harsh said...

huh... my daddy strongest... why does every b-schooler always have to indulge in this passion of theirs ? Why does everyone who chooses one particular b-school over the other tries to justify their decision without "ever" seeing the other side of the story ?

NITC '03 and XLer '08

Girl With Big Eyes said...


It's not my daddy strongest. It's about choosing your daddy. And for me IIMK turned out to be the best-fit. I know people who have turned down IIMK for XLRI after their research and they are quite content too!