Friday, September 07, 2007

Never in India...

A student who was controversially prosecuted for putting her feet on a train seat walked free from court with an absolute discharge. Kathleen Jennings wept and hugged her parents as magistrates cleared her of "wilfully interfering with the comfort or convenience of other rail passengers."

The Manchester University maths student was challenged by a Merseyrail enforcement officer for placing her feet on a train seat. She took her feet off the seat immediately and apologised, but was still prosecuted. The company has a zero tolerance policy for feet on seats and has prosecuted 250 people since February.

I reckon the enforcement officer will resign on accounts of burn-out if he had to do the same in India!


Anonymous said...

Very true! In India, respect for public property is totally absent and is thus, abused the most. The effectiveness of any strike or 'bandh' is measured by how much damage has been caused to public property. Also,I guess, these are the differences that exist between a developed country and a third world one.

rinchen said...

... and we try earnestly to cover up all differences by saying, It happens only in India!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It's not so much a difference in the developed vs third world country as much as it is something inherent in human nature. If you visit UK, you see that people tend to follow rules religiously. And in our country, people get a high breaking the rules.

I am not sure what exactly you meant, but good to see you here first thing in the morning! :)

Anonymous said...

I live in the US and I guess, it is almost similar to being in the UK. Anyways, what I meant to say is that in a developed country, its only the law that the citizens have to live by and not a different set of norms laid out by the society.Anything that is legal is legal(ok) with the society. But in a country like ours, there are the laws and then there are these social norms. It is really confusing at times to decide among the two, especially when they contradict. I feel that such behaviour is imbibed and not inherent.

rinchen said...

Hehehe... I am trying to avoid the early morning traffic to blogspot kingdom but fail all the time :P

That line was a song that was playing in my head at that time. Come to think of it, yeah... even I cant explain it now.