Friday, September 07, 2007

Tea-shops in Gulfland. Too much tea?

You may be able to take the Gelf out of Mallus, but don't even think of taking the Mallus out of the Gelf.

In a state of 32 million where unemployment approaches 20 percent, one Keralite worker in six now works overseas. Without migrant earnings, critics say, the state’s luster could not be sustained. The $5 billion that Keralite migrants send home augment the state’s economic output by nearly 25 percent.

.....“The literacy rate here is great,” she said, “and unemployment is much greater.”

...the economic forces that lead people to migrate were beyond the state’s control. “But what’s unique about Kerala is that the benefits are likely to be shared in a more fair and just way".

...But the Kerala model is under attack, one outbound worker at a time.
I've grown seeing family members and friends slowly move on to Gulf. It was and is still considered as an express ticket to all the good things in life. But too much of this unemployment medicine seems to be harming the people and their lives. Read on over here (NY Times free subscription) for more. If you are in a hurry, catch the slideshow here.

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