Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brighton up!

Brighton Pebble Beach

To celebrate the final days of summer, I packed my bags and took off for a weekend in Brighton.

Absolutely relished the antiquated narrow passages and cobbled streets of the lanes lined with a vast array of exotic shops, the mystical Royal Pavilion, the pebble invaded Brighton Beach and the lively Brighton Pier. Had to give the supposed-to-be feverish nightlife and Brighton Marina a miss as I did not want a weekend getaway to result in a drowsy Monday morning!

The Paragliding club in Brighton
More photos here.

We ended up spending most of the afternoon at Seven sisters. If there was anyone who had more fun than me at Seven Sisters it can only be the person para-gliding above my head.


AK said...

nice set of snaps you have there :)

rinchen said...

Oh, I just loved the second pic with your profile in it. The horizon looks amazing and the parachuter strikes a nice pose. I like your short hair. Last time, I cut mine too impulsively :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


Yup, it's a beautiful place. A nice medley of strong colours, right?

Rinch you cut your hair? Send me a pic jaldi!

rinchen said...

Hehehe... I will blame it on my phone's missing data cable thats rendered me pictureless for the moment. Will do as soon as I find the rouge cable :P

harsh said...

u really r njoying uk, huh!! {envy} {envy}...awesome pics :) :)

and, somebody forgot to keep their promise abt. the nitc blog :P :P

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oh yes, you bet I am :)

About NITC blog, it's on my mind. Just wondering what to write. Especially because I don't have many good memories out there. But will write something soon.

N said...

Hey, you must must MUST try paragliding! It's the most awesome thing to do ever! Love it with a mad passion I didn't know I could work up for something inanimate! You feel so totally free. Strongly recommended!

N said...

Uh, the last comment was me.