Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NITC Students’ Code of Conduct

I am an alumnus of NITC and like most other alumni and I get my news and updates about my alma mater through the alumni email group. And by news and updates, I mean the occasional mail seeking batchmates outside India or someone publicising or seeking a job opportunity or news of a demise or news about a strike/uprising/ragging etc. To be honest, I’ve always wondered why there haven’t been many ‘positive’ mails in the group. And I think I have the answer today.

The latest controversy is the Students’ Conduct and Disciplinary code published in the NITC website. Not a day passes, and we have alumni expressing their opinions known about the code of conduct. Everyone opposes it.

Here’s my opinion – I don’t oppose it. Considering some of the reasons why NITC has been in news lately (politics, ragging – yes, the wrong reasons!), I gladly welcome this move, though like others I too have my doubts about how these are going to be enforced. Take a close look at the some of the rules in the code of conduct -

NITC Campus is a “Smoking free Campus”.
Isn’t there a rule that smoking in public places is banned? So what’s new in this rule?
Students are not permitted to use mobile phones in the class room, Library, Computer Centre, Examination Halls, etc. They may use such gadgets judiciously.
Technology has caught up with the students to cheat the hi-tech way exams and class tests, but we are yet to see technology (jammers?) installed in the classrooms, exam halls to prevent them.

Students shall not indulge in any undesirable activity and shall maintain highest standard of discipline.

Students shall refrain from all activities considered as ragging which is a criminal offence.
And all of you who argue about the healthy after-effects of ragging, I have to say that a stranger who called himself part of the Nazi group and called me names which I would later go on to find were the ‘extreme non-veg’ variety did not help me one bit in my first few days in the institute. I don’t even want to go into his body-language and gestures. The experience just made me keep away from the stranger and his friends for the next 3 years and then heave a huge sigh of relief when he finally left the college. I am sure the unluckier ones who get beaten up just because they are from a particular state would agree with me too about the not-so-healthy effects of ragging.

Possession or consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other intoxicating substances are strictly prohibited in the Campus and hostels.

Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, antisocial, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the Campus and hostels.

Students shall not deface, disfigure, damage or destroy or cause any loss in any manner to or regarding public, private or Institute properties.

Engaging in gherao, keeping under captivity or illegally confining any official of the Institute is prohibited.

No student shall enter or leave the classroom when the session is on without the permission of the teacher.

Students shall only use the waste bins for dispensing waste materials within the Campus including classrooms, hostels apnd offices.

As you read through these rules, did it occur to you that these are some of the basic manners expected out of a person anywhere in public? And isn’t it shameful that we have reached a point where we have to write it down, beat drums and publicise it and enforce public manners?

But then, there’s another side to the story too. Consider some of these rules for instance.

No student shall exert undue influence on fellow students.

No student shall collect money either by request or by coercion from others within the campus or hostels.
How would the clubs function without money from students?

…… Students should refrain from sitting on places such as parapets, stairs, footpaths etc.
Rajpath wouldn’t be as beautiful without the students in it. But yes, it will be good riddance to all those hooligans who used to wait for any form female to let out their sexual frustrations verbally!


Ajith said...

Even I am an alumni of NIT Calicut and this is what I feel about "the rules":

"There is politics attached to every issue", so does some rules there .. all those rules about "or political expressions and activities within the Campus and hostels." comes from a bitter experience the officials and NITC had last year.

What I feel is, there was a brainstorming session of all concerned professors and other influential individuals( like the canteen owner, Photocopying centers boss), and they jotted down all the points came from all no matter whether they made sense or not.

rinchen said...

Me too alumni (although not the one who actually donates cash to the Institute) Heh, they finally got hold of a code of stupid conduct that no one follows?

I find this rule very funny - "No student shall enter or leave the classroom when the session is on without the permission of the teacher."

Did the el stupidos forget about the second door at the back of the classrooms?? I know better cause I used to scrape by the minimum of attendance required :D

And yeah, the Rajpath would look all empty if students didnt sit on it and watch us beautiful girls walk by. Although, even I used to hate those sexually starved, comment-maniacs lined up there. Guess we all just took the good with the bad.

Why's the Institute suddenly concerned about student violations? Is it because the new generation of students are that bad or possibly - were WE better students then - so that they didnt have to resort to all sorts of code of conducts!?!

Or finally - maybe there was some kind of code then but I was too much having fun with my pals that this is the first time I'm hearing of one :P

harsh said...

do you feel that any institute can actually survive without smoke/booze flowing freely when junta wants to chill out ? I am sure, that with this rule in force, junta would do all these activities covert manner, but nevertheless - they'll continue! I am sure, the campus was more about making people responsible adults than anything else! Regulation always breeds rebellion, not responsibility! An example in point would be IIMK campus (was smoke/booze banned there) or even XLRI campus (where I currently study!) Offcourse, certain places are off-limits, but private consumption cannot be banned.