Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun in the desert

It doesn't need much effort to have fun in a desert - if it's anything like UAE. Spending a couple of days in the tax free haven makes you realise what a big dent the vile 'tax' makes in your paypacket. It comes as a pleasant surprise when you step into a shop or a taxi or a restaurant - in short anytime you need to reach for your credit card. Not to mention the HUGe Indian population that will welcome you at every nook and corner.

Getting ready for the Desert Safari

I happened to go to a Desert Safari and guess who the organisers were? A team of very enterprising mallus! Guess who were the cooks? Mallus again. There were some people dressed up as Arabs - I really felt that they were just playing a part to appease us. By the way, the belly dancer was a local. Mallus haven't reached there yet.

If you like adventure theme parks, you should definitely try Desert Safari - highly skilled drivers will take you on high-end SUVs through some of the moderately big sand dunes. And believe me, its hard not to scream when you think you are just about to fall off a dune. And sometimes not to throw up.


harsh said...

aha! a perfect trip to the desert! hope u had loads of fun! more pics plz... :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

You can see more pics at Flickr. Just click on my Flickr badge on the left side.