Monday, January 07, 2008

Oxford, Stonehenge and a Garden maze

I bid farewell to 2007 in a very enjoyable way - lazing around at home, plenty of reading and dreaming done, travelled around and for a change gave the New Year's eve party a miss.

London Hampton Court Palace Gardens
I've read and marvelled about garden mazes - those huge mazes fashioned with thick hedges. I was so fascinated by them at one point in my childhood that I used to dream about wandering inside one of those mazes and getting stuck in there most of the time. I headed on to the closest garden maze near my place at Hampton Court Palace Gardens. The size of the maze and the fact that one could see through the skinny hedges did spoil the fun - but I did get to live my dream and navigate my team to the exit successfully. :)
The rest of the gardens were well worth the visit too. It sure was good to see so much green during winter.

Oxford - a stroll in the streets
All I could think about when we were wandering around the 39 different colleges in Oxford was about Indira Gandhi - the Iron-lady of India. She was a role model for a large majority of girls in my generation. The only woman Prime Minister of India who was the epitome of a strong character, who was the smart woman who ruled the country, had the balance of grace and belligerence in her personality, and wore a modern outlook that really stood out at that time - Indira Gandhi is one lady who my generation was very curious about and awed by.

She studied in the Somerville College, University of Oxford till 1941 - the time when the Independence movement was slowly gaining steam in India. Wonder how she would have felt living and studying in British land while her father wrote to her about the exploits of the British in India. How she got any studying done when her country was in a big crisis is beyond me.

Stonehenge - as seen from the road
Stonehenge - This place looks exactly as it would have in the grainy picture in your history textbook. But being there, walking around it, listening to all the myths about it, why it was built, what were the ceremonies held around it 5000 years ago is a commoving experience. Not many would find it exciting driving an hour just to see some big stones - but I am not one of them and I love to woo the charming past.


rinchen said...

I've only seen the picture of the Stonehenge on the windows XP wallpaper. So I think its pretty great that you've actually seen it in real life.

Also, happy new year girl. Another year yet to grow older :P

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I am stuck at 16 baby :)

Jupe said...

eeesh, what is it with women and aging? Why cant they just grow up? or rather mature like old wine ;-)

Speaking of which, aint it ur Bday today? Best wishes for turning 28 :-)))))))))))))))))))))

Girl With Big Eyes said...

What a cheesy way to wish!

Thanks anyway :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

I chose Stonehenge to make for some history project in school, that was the easiest to make.....rather no definite shape ....

jus remembered

rinchen said...

I was on vacation on the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt get to wish you happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belated wishes, girl. Hope you had a great day :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Rinch. I had a fun day :)

Cornea said...

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You can write back to me here:

I appreciate your insights.