Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A fan of Indian Railways

Are we on the right track?

It definitely seems so. If we have trains that are safe and clean, provide good food, are affordable, run on time, have internet and TV on board and can keep up with the increasing population....what more could we want?

It's time to lure back the middle class from the woeful Deccans to the versatile Indian Railways. Not to mention that it is greener.

If I am given a choice between an AC ticket in a train and a comparable fare to fly, I'd go for the former. Nothing beats the charm of long train journeys in India. And good riddance to all the stressful checking-in mockery of an exercise of the low cost airlines that reduces the airport nothing lesser than a market where women and children are trampled upon for the luxury of a window seat.

A good book, coffee and snacks every 2 hours, freshly laundered bedding to laze on, a view that never lets you down and the occasional stranger who makes the journey even more interesting.....yessir, I am a fan of the great Indian Railways!


Rinchen said...

Just when I was making plans never to travel by train ever again, Mr. Laloo hits a home run! Heck, yes - I would opt for train travel too if all that you mentioned in this post as well as in the link you provided is going to come true.

Although the last time I travelled from Blore to NJP(station closest to Sikkim), one old guy snored SO much - I couldnt sleep a wink! The noise was more like an autorickshaw being started in full throttle or a machine gun being fired nonstop. Really. (That was my reason not to travel by train in the first place.)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

That's just pure bad luck honey!

Maybe next time, you buy him a coffee so that he doesn't sleep anymore :)

tuskerking said...

More information on railways and various new projects and budget can be found here:

Shanks_P said...

Ppl raised their eye brows when I opted for a 24 hrs train trip to a 2 hr flight from TVM to HYD two years back...
As u said, a good novel,some snacks and a 'pretty' stranger makes those train journeys memorable!

Sandeep said...

LOL! U r are of a dying breed!

Quite like what I've read in your blog thus far; makes for nice and reading. Keep blogging, Priya!

P.S. - The "dying breed" makes reference to those who ride on the railways without realizing they've fallen victim to Laloo-ji's rustic charms! ;)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Shanks_p and Sandeep,
We are a dying breed indeed. Especially the children of this generation, who don't even get to experience this manmade wonder in India.

INJEY! said...

Very true. The best part of going in the train is standing on the door side and getting the fresh breeze over your face. Standing against the wind is so exciting and pleasing. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Hari said...

Heh. I've never had an opportunity to travel by an airline (even a low-cost one, for that matter). But if the two-odd train trips I had this year till date are to be trusted, I'd rather go for the Deccan than the train! The other day, I had to do quite a bit to salvage female college mates and myself from this astonishingly-self-righteous drunkard who was singing at the top of his tuneless voice all through the journey!

About the food. Duh! Haven't you seen 'Anniyan'? ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

How about train journeys in the monsoon? Everytime I get to watch the mighty monsoon from a train, I never want the journey to get over.

Travel by Deccan for a couple of times, and I am sure you might want to rethink your statement :)

And come on, things have definitely improved from how they were 4-5 years before. Even food is much better now. Maybe not be the best, but definitely better.

VKM said...

uh oh! I see a li'll inspiration from one of older posts :)
nyways..good 2 see u writing on more hmm.."Personal space" topics (For lack of a better word).

howz the book comin along? I am lost on inspiration quotient and soakin in the bliss of post-MBA ignorance!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

How can one not remember the scenic train trips between Calicut and Trichur!

Book is developing well inside my head. Now all I need to do is start writing :)

themidnightspecial said...

This brings back memories...

GWBE... good stuff and I am VERY miserly with compliments on non-professional writing.

Now, its time for a post on my best rail journeys. The fav one being the trip from Jamshedpur to Ernakulam at the end of BSchool.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Good to see you browsing around, midnightspecial. Btw, what a strange name!

Jam to must have quite a long trip! It's almost a cross country trip!

themidnightspecial said...

Hmm... now now- its a free world.

TMNS is the name of the blog- thats because I almost always get around to writing the midnight hour. I am just T.O., its author. Do visit sometime.

Jam to Ekm (the station is Tatanagar actually)was fun indeed. And full of interesting episodes.

Narain said...

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