Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Irony of the day

A group of men and women spotted huddled outside their workplace and smoking.

They were employees of Cancer Research UK.


Rinchen said...

Talk about irony!!!

Kavi said...

UK is a place with a large number (largest?) of smokers density. I think the percentage of women outnumber the men. When we were in London, they were contemplating on banning smoking from public places. Did that rule materialize yet? Worst thing is that even though the legal age when you can buy a cigeratte is 19 or something, you can see lot of younger children also smoking.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily an irony....They might be test subjects

AK said...

Innocent until proven guilty!! :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Test subjects indeed! :)

It's like a police officer mugging an innocent passerby in front of the police-station!

And Kavi,
Yup, the no-smoking rule is ON! But only in closed public spaces. You can smoke as you fancy in all open public places and even blow rings into a pregnant woman's face outside the CR-UK building!