Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Queen of my life

Warning: Guys may want to stay away from this post. It is not offensive, but you might not get it and don't blame me for wasting your time if you paid no heed.

I was feeling slim today. Period.

Nope, I am not on a diet and nope, I haven’t lost weight. I still can't get into my fav pair of jeans, but I still feel slim.

Let me explain - I am a little crazy. I have these special days when I feel slim and then not so special days when I feel fat. The feeling is so heightened that on the good days I feel like a supermodel! It might sound silly, but it’s true and it affects my entire day. I feel fat or slim exactly the same way you might feel happy or sad. A state of mind.

So today was one of those ebullient days. I got up to an endorphin rush like never before. It felt I-love-my-life-and-wouldn’t-trade-it-for-anything-in-the-world good! From then on, it just got better and better. Lovely day outside, fixed myself a sumptuous breakfast fit for a queen and my iPOD decided to play all my fav songs in the shuffle mode on the way to the tube station. The tube was waiting for me at the station and there was actually one seat empty and I got to sit in the tube! Believe me, when it comes to getting lucky on the tube, I actually had better chances of winning the 130mn Euro lottery (which I didn’t btw).

I reached my destination station in a record 20 minutes (Whoa!). It was a bright day outside (what are the chances!), birds chirping, people smiling and making way for me in the footpath (unbelievable because usually little women like me get stepped on during the peak time stampede), the fruit-vendor offered me a box of fresh strawberries free along with my usual fruits-to-go, and, to top it all - all the walk signs at the traffic lights turned green as I approached them…….red carpet all the way!

I could almost feel the blinding flashlights from the paparazzi as I took each step! I felt like the Queen.

Then I entered my workplace and reached my cubicle and everything fell back into my uneventful middle-class life.

WTH, I am the queen of my life, aren’t I?


Anonymous said...

You know what - This is one of the first times am reading someone talk about a nice day! It is usually the other way around - venting frustration out on a day that Murphy ruled morning till night (inclusive of yours truly! :p) Makes me smile inspite of the bad hair day am having right now.. Cheers to the Queen (tongue in cheek:p)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hmmm I've had my share of Murphy-ruled days too.
Glad to have made you smile!

Gypsy said...

:) good one! i have up-days too.. but usually thats when i think i'm putting on weight! :)

Rinchen said...

In my case, I'm the Queen (of Stupid Things) :D

What a superb way to start a day. I know what you mean by music - of late I've been listening to my fave music on the way to work. Can then finally go on to face the day.

Rinchen said...

PS: That red carpet is SO glamorous!!! Would love to walk it myself.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Whoa Gypsy! You from the same planet!?

Rinch, as long as you are a queen, it doesn't matter what it is! :D
And the music - it helps you to feel positive, even though your nose is pressed up against a sweaty man's shoulder on the tube on your way to work. Not exaggerating!

And psssst.....that red carpet thing has been my fantasy. You are welcome to join the club :)

Dewdrop said...

Enjoyed reading this thoroughly :) I would relate to it soo much!!!

Anonymous said...

"I am pretty sure they were quite happy about it too. Why wouldn't they be when I contributed about £1000 to the Swiss economy. "

Is that "uneventful middle-class life"

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Welcome to the club!

Yes it is, when you save up for months for the trip!

Jaggernaut said...

Guys starting off their posts with a warning to ladies would be blanket branded at once :)

It's like the day when you find no traffic at the most notorious junctions, inexplicably. Or the day when the lanes you choose move the fastest. Or when both the adjacent windows on the toll plaza are stuck while you breeze through. Or your hair seems to sit down well without any effort. Or the belt seems to be a little loose...

I could go on and on. And I'm a guy :)

Ajith said...

Sometimes we all get lucky, but I appreciate the fact you took time out to acknowledge it.

Makes me wonder what is wrong with me - I grossly underrates the good things happen to me.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Jaggernaut, also the day you feel like singing in the rain and doing a little tap dance on your way to the coffee machine. Life is wonderful when things go our way, isn't it? :)

Rightly said. If I had a headache that perfect day, I would have felt miserable in spite of everything else.