Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scottish Highlands

A picture is worth a thousand words and in some cases, even more.

The Silver Sands of Morar

The backdrop at Silver Sands.

The clouds were certainly celebrating something.

Spot the differences!

Lochy Caravan - Fort Williams
Home for 3 days. Caravans.
It was such a joy to wake up, look out the window and the mountains greet you.

Green and how!

Lochy river. Ice cold.

Ode to the martyrs.

Celebration of spring.

What's Scotland without sheep?
How can you go to Scotland and not have a picture of the sheep.

More pics here.


--Sunrise-- said...


Jomy said...

Great pics! Sure you have a wonderful time...

BTW, I settled for a 450D instead of 40D. Considered the weight I have to carry around for all the treks! :-)

Prithi Shetty said...

Lovely pics really.

IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

very well taken pics...sure you had a good time...

Hari said...

Mind-blowing! :-o

Your Canon EOS 40D is kick-ass. Lucky you! :P

My Pick: The 'Scotland goat' pic. Nice framing!

Quick question:
(Yeah, it's dumb, still...)
Well, did you actually intend to include the entire 'family' in this pic, or was it deliberately done?
Would've been fabulous if you would've included the whole 'family' instead of the 'sliced' kids. :D

Hari said...

Don't bother to answer my 'quick question'. Just realized that it was blogger that sliced off your image.

Told you I'm dumb! :P

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Really envy you, first it was the Wii, now its the scottish hills. Really great photo's. I loved the first pic, the backdrop in the second pic and the cloud formations. U really got a great cam, but a greater eye behind the cam to spot these. Hope u had a wonderful time.:)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Tx everyone!

Any pics yet? It is indeed a burden to carry the 40D. My shoulder blades aren't very happy with it.


Thank you. Yup, had a great time.

Macadamia The Nut said...

I simply LOVED this one -
Spot the differences!

Rinchen said...

My favourite was the Green one. What a pic!

Ironically, I was also green by the end of all the pics :P

Ajith said...

First Swiss & now Scotland.. U travel this much as part of work ? If yes, can I join your company after MBA :D ?

Rinchen said...

Hey, waitaminit - I'm submitting my application for that before Ajith!!!

chaos said...

very beautiful pics ... few of them are really amazing ... ode to martyrs has really come up nicely...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Tx everyone.

Ajith, Rinch,
Nope, I don't work for NatGeo or the Lonely Planet or the BBC or the Discovery channel. I mostly just do pretty much the same at work as you do - read blogs, stumble, and play games :)

But then, I also put away some pennies into a box everyday and when the box is full, I drag my husband for a trip. Ooooh the box is almost full again!

Rinchen said...

My shade has now turned bottle green.

Jomy G Joy said...

No interesting pics yet. Ever since I got the camera, I got extremely busy at work! :-(

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Rinch, you have no right to turn green. You live in such a beautiful place. I am the one who deserves to be green :)

Writer's block, btw?

Tell me about it. I think it's sort of a jinx.

Rinchen said...

(Nods furiously)

I always hate it when this happens :P

Ms.N said...

aaah! i loved scotland... not the cities really... but the hour or so we spent near loch lomond was beautiful!!!

btw, ammazing pictures... i love the "Lochy river" one with kids throwing stones.... they are in a way very very clear and sharp. sorry but i dont have better photographic vocabulary...but really nice ones!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Time for more photos lady!

Ms. N,
Tx! You didn't have to apologise, I am right there with you at the bottom when it comes to 'photographic vocab'