Thursday, June 05, 2008

Next stop. Wales.

Aberystwyth castle
The one thing you wouldn't miss in this country is a castle and an accompanying fort. They are synonymous to the toddy shops in Kerala and the temple gopurams in Tamil Nadu; you just can't ignore them!
And oh, this one is Aberystwyth castle ruins in West Wales. And in the corner of the picture frame is one of my favourite people.

Wales is also known as the 'home of red dragon'. Most of the stories and poetry connected to Wales also allude to a dragon. Apparently, dragons were first sighted in Wales during the Roman time or so the legends say! So no wonder then, this dragon got into the design of this bench in the promenade near the castle.

Who took my wool? :(
A sheep that seemed to say "Did you steal my wool?"!

Funny van
The old and the new. Georgian architecture, an old Volkswagon and a modern sedan all live amicably in Aberaeron.

Sea of caravans
A sea of caravans. These are make shift apartments available for rent. Nope, there weren't any hippies.

Beware of the children?
Spotted in a village restaurant. They should put that on condoms and marriage certificates. What good will it do on a doorsill?
Maybe it's a piece of advice the restauranteur wanted to pass on to his customers as a thank you. Very weird. So was the tattoo of a voluptuous naked lady on his arm which he flashed proudly every time he served us.

Swing. Swing. Swing.
That's me on a sugar rush.

A view from Portmerion, the Italian village.

Wind and sand
Harlech beach. You can see the elements at play. The wind was so strong, we had to walk backwards.

Barmouth bridge
Barmouth rail bridge across Mawddach river estuary. We walked across the bridge by paying a toll. The bridge was built in 1895, and now they are milking the old cow!

What I saw.....
Seemed endless, especially with the strong winds that lashed out at us unhindered over the river. The bridge took us to the Mawddach trail in Snowdonia National Park.

Across the bridge
................and what we left behind.

Flower power
Flower after a shower.

Flower on the way
Another pretty flower that called out to me.

More pics here.


Samrat said...

Beautiful pics. Wales certainly has an old world charm it seems.
Waiting for more travel updates from your side,with similar witty descriptions :)

Sree said...

Isnt it nice we could capture in print what we leave behind :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Really loved th pics n th comments along with them. U surely had a gr8 time like in scotland. Loved th sign on th door n th tattoo. :)

Rinchen said...

Oh man, did you ever think of photography as an alternate career?

Wales always reminds me of Prince Charles. And that always reminds me of the long wait he's had to be king.

What a beautiful place!

Viajero said...

Nice pics :)
BTW didnt find the pic of loch ness monster in pics frm scotland, a sure miss :(

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Tx Samrat. Keep tuned in. I am already planning for the next trip.

Tx Sree.
Yup....and take a walk down the memory lane whenever you wish to.

Tx Abhi. Yup, enjoyed every minte of the 3 days.

I do think of every possible alternative career every single day. But Jack of all trades.....

Prince Charles, poor chap. Doesn't look like his wait is gonna end anytime soon.

Only ppl with evil in their mind, will see the monster. Surely, you don't belog!

Shanks_P said...

A picture worth 1000 words ....
Like the flower after shower snap ....

INJEY! said...

Nice pics to say that you had a good trip. Which camera did you use? The photos have rich colors.

chaos said...

really beautiful pics

Macadamia The Nut said...

"hey are synonymous to the toddy shops in Kerala and the temple gopurams in Tamil Nadu;"

And Beware of children?? heh heh! Suddenly I have vision of mutant kiddie freaks jumping at people from everywhere... And of chitti chitti bang bang.. sigh!

Stunning pics as usual! But I like the 'running commentary' better. Lol!
Someone's having a blast. Sigh!

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Neat shots!
Your micros are mostly flowers.
Really good micros.

Suggest, you take other micros as well.

And, I liked the three colors (background) in the Funny Van pic.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Question in the previous comment ended up being a suggestion.
And so, no "question mark".

Please don't kathi-kuthi-fy me.
Yes, I have read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Yes, Macro...that was a TYPO!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Tx Shanks, Injey & Chaos

When I saw that sign, I too looked around trying to see if there were any armed teenagers or midgets lurking around trying to tip the people by the door.

Nik, I am still trying to wet my feet in this new field with my new gear. So until I master the macro technique better, I'll be sticking to flowers as they are very obedient subjects and are pretty anyway :)

hammy said...

Really lovely pics. Great scenery, great photography, and cool commentary...

Ajith said...

Excellent writing. I stumbled upon your blog and could not stop reading through most of the blogs in one go. Please add me to your fan club. I am also from Trichur, between west fort and Chungam. Hope someday I would be able to pick up a book of yours from DC books or current books.
ajithvadakoot at

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Hammy. When the place is this beautiful, you don't have to try much to get great photos.

I am a little bit embarrassed with all the flattery! Glad that my book won't end up being a dud and sell only 1 copy. Now thanks to you, there's gonna be two sales. Oh yeah, I am gonna buy the first copy in Trichur :)

flyingstars said...

WoWWW...some very beautifully captured shots...simply lovely views!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks! I didn't have to try too hard cause it was pretty wherever you decide to point and shoot :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

wow lovely pics...hope i was to see such a awesome scenes...

Dewdrop said...

Beautiful pics. Hope u had a rocking time there.