Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV reaches a new low

I thought TV shows hit the dumps when they started filming stuff like 'Big Brother'. It then slid down a few notches for me when it actually got popular! Duh!

I would never understand why a regular-joe would pause his life and watch not-good-enough-for-prime-time celebrities holed up in a house. Everytime I get a glimpse of this have-no-value-for-time-then-watch-this programme on TV, I couldn't help but imagine a scientist working in his lab watching mice run around mazes.

Now, I wouldn't mind watching the watch-the-mice-show when I know that at the end of it, the scientist is gonna share with me a little bit of something that will help me understand the miracle that is this world a little better. But why something like Big brother? Beats me.

If you are someone who stays up late watching Big Brother, please solve this mystery for me, and tell me what makes you do that!

It looks like there's more on the way. After Big brother, it's celebrity rehab!

He: "What's that you watching?"

She: "Celebrity rehab."

He: "Hmmm. Now what's that?"

She: "It's about forgotten television stars living in a house and fighting their demons."

He: "Why again are you watching that?"
Voice on TV: "Mooney Wiley just took a leak. Will he wash his hands?! Just out - Michelle C has lice in her you-know-what-that-rhymes-like-nanny! Find out more after this commercial break."
She: "Hear, hear! Can it BE any more worse?"

He: "This is suicide TV! A little bit of me just died."


Hari Shanker said...

Reality sucks harder than a blackhole.Period. :|

If you haven't been to Kerala lately, ye be warned! It's munching up poor ol' Mallu television space with all those brazen Indian Idol clones on every single channel!! :-o

Sigh. The saas-bahu's were way better! At least you got to watch some nice sarees (ahem) on screen... :P

He & She returns, eh? :-) Good, Missed it for a LONG time... :D

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

I'd say JOIN THE CLUB. It used to be action reality series at first, with all the kind of stupid dares like Roadies, then came the really really dumb and eeky part of dares with FEAR FACTOR. Then don't know which idiot had the guts to MIX singing competitions with REALITY shows. They suck so badly that i'd like to sue each and every producer of these shows for causing mental trauma and anguish to all the viewers. Going by the way the Indian Culture is going these days, following the Saas-Bahu serials, by killing their loved ones(courtesy latest India Today issue); hope they don't go on to follow the REALITY show craze in REAL life :(

praveen said...

Yeah tell me about it. I actually watched Big Brother episodes during the whole Shilpa-Goody racial issue thing and found it to be total crap. Gawd knows where in the world their getting their viewership..

Viajero said...
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Ms.N said...

agree whole heartedly... i think "worser" weems to be the way to go with TV. Though my personal favorite crib is on serials such as saans bi.....

Macadamia The Nut said...

Totally agree!! totally! I remember watching Truman Show and wondering "what if this really happens to someone". Well, now we know! Pffft!

Viajero said...

A small correction :)

Xactly what I have been thinking hav been reflected here....a real time waste, enough to knock out a gr8 proportion of those grey Abhi said there is a reality show storm blowing over all of India....think some news channels have also strtd it.. :-|...
like from Andy Warhol's quote "everyone will be famous for 15 min" giving way to "In 15 min everybody will be famous"...

INJEY! said...

God have blessed you if you haven't watched worse reality TV shows like "......Takela". Not sure where the world is going with "Big brother" kinda shows.

But I did enjoy other shows like "Who Dares Wins" or "Amazon" ;)

Ajith said...

You don't need to watch any reality show, if you have access to the mallu news channels!

Admiral Fagin said...

there is a movie called Idiocracy
Which is based on the broad theme that human intelligence comes down as the time passes by.

After seeing the movie I thought it is an over-exaggeration , but now that movie seems totally believable.

are people getting dumber??

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Nice usage dude :)

More of He-She coming up as soon as I get over my current phase of extreme laziness!

To be honest, I used to watch the Fear factor shows.
I guess serials made so dramatic just so that even if you have an uneventful life that makes you wanna yawn everytime you wake up in the morning, you might get solace at least from watching some drama in the idiot box!

Puzzler for me too. Btw, you name's male, but your photo is of a pretty female. Puzzled again!

Ms. N,
I never got into the habit of watching serials - but I have to admit I am addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Desperate Housewives. And in my defense, they are miles apart :)

Same pinch. I had thought about the same thing too - actually I had imagined it happening to me and I got terribly depressed that day.

Well, that's where the market for brain-boosting games like Wii Brain game, elecronic sudoku etc come in. My mom gets her doses of serials every day but also excercises her grey cells to (I quote) 'keep up with the kids of today'!

After so many comments on the plight of TV in India, I am dreading watching my favourite Indian TV channels :(

Wha.....there's more?!

:) Rightly said. I haven't watched Mallu news in a long time though! I remember one funny incident though - I was watching the news in Kairali TV and the aunty reading the news didn't realise that she was 'live' and was vigorously arranging her hair and sari. And then when she realised her folly, that was the best 5 minute laughter I've ever had!

Admiral F,
That's intriguing.
Not sure about general human intelligence, but I do get this feeling that I am getting dumber and dumber by the day for sure! :(

Rinchen said...

I dont like these reality shows where people huddle under one roof and bitch their way to winning.

But then I watch Roadies on MTV so I contradict myself. Never watched Big Brother or the Indian Big Boss. Maybe I should start :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oh please don't! Trust me, you are better off taking Winkie Poo for a walk rather than watching this shit!