Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back again.

If you were wondering where I was for the last two months and were concerned about me, well, you should have done something about it other than just leave comments! FYI I was holed up in this tiny apartment held hostage by my evil landlord for the last two months. My husband weighed his options for a long time and in the end decided that he would rather not pay the ransom! And I thought at least my faithful blog readers would come to my rescue! I waited for 60 days and the end of it I was let go on the only condition that I would cook Indian curry for my landlord every single day! That’s how much the British love the curry!

Ah well, who am I kidding! I’ve had the sinfully lazy vacation in the last two months. Anything that required me to lift my tiny little finger was put on hold. Sometimes life screams at you so much that you just have to put a stop to everything else, sit down and listen to it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Absolutely nothing. Oh that isn’t entirely true as I did travel around a bit and managed to take some snaps.

Third visit in the last 12 months!

A street performer in Royal Mile Edinburgh.

Up above my head somewhere in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Botanical gardens

I wish I could make myself tiny enough to crawl into this flower and sleep tight in there.

Spring time!

Banana flower?

You cheer me up anyday!

Sparrow inside the glass house. Easy access to a warm nest.

Designs of nature

Glasgow Science centre

Once a geek, always a geek. How can one be in Glasgow and give this a miss?

My hot hubby!

What? You don’t see the penguins? They are everywhere! For once, stop looking at the big picture :)

London Zoo

The lovely Okapis. Half horse, half zebra.

Golden headed lion tamarin who decided to tour the zoo himself.

Blackfooted African Penguins sharing a kiss. Or maybe a worm.

Kensington Palace

A pissed off duck at Kensington Palace grounds.

Kids in action!

Notting Hill Carnival

I dreamed in a thousand colours that night.

London Soho

A plugged-in building


Roman Bath

Romans watching over those who came to have a bath.

Royal Crescent

Roman architecture on the wall at the marketplace.

Wise and majestic

Crystal web

I-am-different flower.

Kerala, God’s own country

Vallachira temple in Trichur


Me said...

good to see you back...

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

So good to see you back! Awesome shots, esp of the flowers and the sparrow! But nothing beats the last pic, of the temple :) Kerala ROXX! I also found the Kerala landscape enticing when i was coming home after a long time away from home for this Onam

PS: Is it penguins or is it DOLPHINS? You really onto confuse us ordinary mortals?

Jomy G Joy said...

Priya, Welcome back!!! Great snaps....

Prithi Shetty said...
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Hari said...

Great to see you back in action! :-) Sad that you didn't put many Kerala pics, though. :(

Hoping to see more posts soon... :D

Farz said...

Hi,gr8 to see u back!!;-)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Kerala-pic 1, u did something to the green?


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi me, Jomy, Prithi,
Thanks guys. Good to see yuo drop in too!

See that was a test! So you were able to spot the dolphins :)
Well done!

Unfortunately couldn't take more pics in Kerala. It didn't go exactly as I planned :(

Nope, haven't done anything to it. Why do you ask?

Goofy said...

The Temple pic

Kind of reclusive - mysterious,so to say. Do you dare to explore me, it questions! Am I the speck that you have tried to show or am I the all that cannot be shown?

Rinchen said...

Welcome back. Missed reading GWBE!

And whats with that pengiun pic? I, for the love of my life, cant find penguins! Just the two people doing you-know-what.

vijaya said...

Hi Priya

Your blog posts were missed!Good to see you back and blogging! Loved all your pictures; especially the yellow flower, birdie, spider web and those of Kerala(but,of course!).

Happy Onam!


Ravi Kumar said...

You haev a way with humor.. nice to see u back..i too started a blog now :)

Admiral Fagin said...

aHHHH. I see ...

Shanks_P said...

Nice to c u back :)
Haveheard back with a bang, now seeing back with lots of snaps ...

Nice snaps, specially, i'm different flower :)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Ah! The big question. Take out the 'speck' out of the frame and you shall get the answer you are seeking!

Good to see you in here too!

And don't tell me, you haven't figured out the pic yet. Btw, forget the penguins, do you see any dolphins? Or is it still the amorous couple?

Honoured to have been missed!

Hope you had a good Onam too. I had a great sadya weekend here - one at a restaurant in a banana leaf and all, and another at home!

Great to see you here. See you at lonebackpacker!

Admiral F,

Thank you. Good to see you back here.

chaos said...

hey, will try to take care on my blog :) ...

some of your photos are really amazing compositions... very beautiful...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks chaos!

Neethu said...

wow! those pics are stunningly beautiful! great shots!...and ya nice blog too:D

Sreedevi said...

I am a different flower, a plugged in building and Okapis caught my attention. All are good pics.

Here in Doha, some researches are going on, to create a horse with zebra lines.

The banana flower looked like a yellow Lilly. Is it one?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Neethu. Welcome to GWBE's.

Thanks Sree. I guess it won't be too long they develop malarnnu parakkunna white 'kaakka's!

Not sure about the yellow lily though.