Monday, September 15, 2008

Real thing?

I've been dreaming a lot lately. Actually, I've been dreaming every moment I am asleep. It's such a strange feeling when the dream feels so real when you are in it.

In my dreams usually I get up to a beautiful sunrise, get dressed and go to work, bitch about the commute with my colleagues, get bored at work, flirt with the guy in the cafe, miss my husband, get back home, cook, eat, read blogs, watch a movie and go to sleep! It's like living your life all over again - one when you are awake and another one when you are asleep.

How do we know for sure which is the 'real' real life? I am not so sure anymore.

At least, I don't have any bills to pay in my dream life. As of now, everything seems to be free! My fridge is always well stocked. And I seem to be in great shape too. No worries in life B. So far so good.


Hari said...

Looks so much like "The Matrix" to me!

Ever had a feeling of Deja Vu, every other minute? Happens with me too...

I too such a dream lately. It wasn't mundane. But it felt SO real. Shook my psyche.

Anonymous said...

Hi gwbe.

Check freud and the theory of dreams.

Admiral Fagin said...

You must have seen the movie Waking Life , Haven't you?

That movie gives you a lot of ways to check whether you are in a dream or in real life. I think you will enjoy that one.

Admiral Fagin said...

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

I'd say this sounds a lot like morpheus's speech to neo in the movie matrix. I'd say you watch tht movie again and see. So much like the speech before neo's taken into the gang. Also see stranger than fiction. If you can. Liked ur they about the commute and flirting with the coffee shop guy :).

Rinchen said...

Flirt with the guy in the cafe? :P And this doesnt happen in real life?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! Trying to do decide whether to pursue them in my real life or in the other one ;)

Of course, what's life without a little bit of flirting in it!

Devi said...

Hi Priya...........

Your song reminded me these lines..

Aru paranju aru paranju
Njan kandathu rakanavananenu aru paranju
Ezhu niram kondezhuthiyathellam
Mazhavillu virinjathu polennaru paranju
Kali chollum kuyilano
Kuzhaloothum kattano
Aranee kallam cholliyatharanavo

Whats in a Name said...


Came here from Abhishek's blog..
As long as the fridge is stocked and no bills to pay, life looks so beautiful!!!

Nicely put blog i must say... :-) and the pics you have put up are really stunning...:-)

Rinchen said...


rakuboy said...

hey... welcome back to blogosphere..
hope Sandeep's all up and running...
and great pics btw!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Nice words. Is that a movie song or a folk song? Somehow it felt like I've heard it somewhere, but not able to place it.

Just visited your blog and gosh, it's you SPT! Long long time. Never thought I'll bump into you again like this. Made my day!

What's in a name,
Welcome to GWBE.

Phew! Just finished!

Good to see you back too. Sandeep's back to business now!

Devi said...


A search on google like, "Aru paranju lyrics" gave me all info. This was a hit song.

Movie Name: Pulival Kalyanam (2004)
Singer: Chitra, Jayachandran
Music Director: Berny Ignatious
Lyrics: Kaithapram
Year: 2004
Producer: Lal Creations
Director: Shafi
Actors: Jayasurya, Kavya Madhavan, Lal, Lalu Alex

Ms Cris said...

Reminds me of a Calvin strip. He dreams getting up early unwillingly, going to school unwillingly, and sitting there the entire day unwillingly, and then wakes up to realize he has to do all that unwillingly all over again in real life!

People say test yourself by pinching, but I would advise try flying - well you know how to analyse the results

Neethu said...

hey...same thing's happening to me these days:O...non-stop dreams abt arbit stuff!

btw u an NITC alumni?!gr8!which yr?branch?watu doing nw?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thanks Devi.

Ah darling Calvin. There's a little bit of him inside all of us. Thanks ms cris.

So many Qs. Send me a mail dear - I'd be glad to get connected.