Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Winter's around the corner

You know winter's around the corner when.....

1. The leaves turn gold, auburn and then copper.

2. Your taste buds long for hot soups every evening.

3. Your knees seem to have their own mind (not applicable to those lucky enough to be on the right side of 25).

4. The weather girl has nothing good to say anymore.

5. You forget to put the milk back in the fridge, but it still stays fresh as ever.

6. You are up. But the sun isn't.

7. Your most favourite item of clothing is a pair of socks and it never comes off you.

8. It takes you all of 5 minutes to layer up before you head outside to throw the garbage and to get the mail.

9. You think the heated underblanket is the greatest invention since sliced wholegrain bread.

10. But you
REALLY know winter's here when someone suddenly says....

He: "Hey dear, we never hold hands anymore! Why is that?"

She: "Hmmm that's a nice thought. Let's remedy that right away."

They hold hands and she looks into his eyes expecting to see the warmth of the renewed romance. But instead, she sees something else; something that resembles the look of a sneaky triumph.

She: "OMG, you hands are ice cold. Get 'em off me you **$@$%"

He: "Gotcha! Stole a little bit of heat from you loser!"

That's when you know winter's really here and that you are stuck with it for the next six months.


Rinchen said...

Hahaha... ice cold hands! Brrr... In my case, I've been digging out sweaters and wearing them everyday to work. I heard the weather there in UK's started to get very cold!

Stay warm :)

Devi said...

When do you hear the crack of dawn?:)

Prithi Shetty said...

Ha ha. Loved the last one :))

Nikhil Narayanan said...

I liked 10.



~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Hey liked your welcoming the arrival of winter! What about blowing smoke into the air without smoking a cigarette? Forgot that :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oh yes it is. The cruel wind adds to the misery too!

I do endeavour to stay warm......by not venturing out too much :)

Never heard it. Have you?

Thanks Prithi and Nik.

of course, I do that too all the time.

Admiral Fagin said...

:) Beautiful!

virdi said...

Yup surely winter is setting in... Even Madras has max temp below 35 Deg C, early in the mornings... :-)

Anonymous said...

my 2 cents

you know it is winter when

everytime you open excel you have to unfreeze panes to start working


Hari said...

Return of "He & She"... Whee!!

I've never 'seen' or 'felt' a winter yet, per se. Will have to travel to see it. Until then, your descriptions should suffice. :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Sorry to hear that Virdi. I was telling someone the other day that over here it feels like living in A/c 24/7, which gets quite irritating at times. But then I guess this would be the lesser evil when compared to sizzler Chennai.

Admiral F,

Your PJ definitely belongs to the PJ hall of fame :)

It's great the first time, after that you tend to long for the sun and the heat - at least a little.

Pratz said...

liked the last one