Friday, March 28, 2008

Will / Shall?

A foreign tourist was swimming in an English lake. Taken by cramps, he began to sink. He called out for help:
“Attention! Attention! I will drown and no one shall save me!”
Many people were within earshot, but, being well-brought up Englishmen and women, they honoured his wishes and permitted him to drown.

If you didn't get this joke, you need a dose of Daily Writing Tips.

If you did, I am impressed!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I don't really mind crowded flights. I secretly enjoy listening to my co-passengers discussing their holiday plans, what they had for dinner, their aunt who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and their cat's skin infection. I also get sadistic pleasure watching hapless moms and dads trying to pacify their wailing one year old who seems to have a secret plan of his own to force everyone on the flight to ask for earplugs.

I was on a flight to Zurich last Friday (more on that coming up) and as expected, the flight was full. The family sitting ahead of us was a mom-dad-3-kid group. The youngest would have been around four years old. I did not have to strain my ears too much to listen to their banter as they were clearly excited about their trip to Switzerland and were talking quite loudly about their skiing plans.

As the plane started moving on the tarmac ready for take-off, the four year old shouts above all the other noise and banter,
"Mommy, which country are we going to today?"
The mom mumbled something and stuck a lollipop into the kid's mouth.

Please note that the question was 'which country are we going to today' and not just 'which country are we going to!'.

Something tells me that the 4 year old's airmiles are definitely way higher than my bank balance!

Some people live to travel and I live to.....

Hmmm, that needs some thought!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Irony of the day

A group of men and women spotted huddled outside their workplace and smoking.

They were employees of Cancer Research UK.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fun with philosophy

If you are anything like me, an engineer at heart, you might have always had that little bit of mysticism in your mind about philosophy and the like. There might have been times when you looked down upon everything that couldn't be explained with an equation. What's the point mulling about something you really can't prove, eh?

Well, in any case you definitely would want to try these Philosophy games.

They are a load of fun and throw out astonishing results. I found out that though I consider myself to have high moral standards, I may not really practise them if I am thrown into a tricky situation. And some more. :)

One clue, consistency is the key. And don't try to cheat!

Don't blame me if you don't turn out to be as puritanical as you thought you were. I am trying to come to terms with some afflictive discoveries myself!