Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You just can't ignore her

She too passed away - beloved to some, ridiculed by many, but not forgotten by any. Kamala Das aka Madhavikutty aka Kamala Surayya would have breathed her last sigh as her homeland was getting ready to welcome the monsoon with open hands as always. It's ironic as she never would have felt welcomed in the same land she wrote so much about.

My first memories of her were venemous articles in the newspapers about her 'socially inappropriate' behaviour. And then there were discussions overheard where people tsk-tsked about her actions which weren't 'suitable for a Hindu woman'. Kali-kaalam, some called it. Opinions galore!

To me, she would always be an honest woman, true to her heart, who decided to live her life the way she wanted to rather than letting society dictate terms. She stuck to her beliefs and decisions though she was always rebuked and ridiculed. What a painful life it would have been! I have been ridiculed by friends and family for looking up to her and for admiring her confidence. Opinions galore again!

Some people are born at the wrong place at the wrong time. So was Kamala Das. How many woman writers do we have in Kerala who could stand up to her? The wait is on.

Whenever I hear someone thrashing her, I can't help but think
It's always easier to stand aside and throw stones,
than to walk the path that's dangerous.
Through your actions you unknowingly decide whether you will let the "society" rule your life.

Hate her or love her, you just can't ignore her.
May she rest in peace.

Must watch
A documentary on her - It was very sad to see it again today. I can't help notice and love her prim and proper English every time I watch this video.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How to nail an interview, NOT!

The last three months I've been reading a lot about applying for jobs, interviews, CVs, etc in the hope that I'll arrive at a secret formula to nail that elusive job. After a lot of trials and errors, I realised that there's no such secret formula. Unless you are qualified for the role and can express the same clearly and show the maturity needed for the role, noone can help you.

During my research, I happened to see this book 'Turn Redundancy into Opportunity' in my library. It felt as if that book was written for me (and the millions of others in the same shoes!) and I picked it up. To be honest, I learnt nothing new and dismissed it in 10 minutes. But it did give me a good laugh though.

I quote:
Recruitment company, Robert Half, asked 300 major UK employers for examples of their more unusual job candidates at interview.
Candidate fell asleep during interview.
Poor guy might have been up all night preparing for the interview! Give him a break.

Candidate tried to take his clothes off
Desperate measures!

Candidate confessed to being a convicted murderer.
At least he was honest!

Candidate challenged interviewer to an arm-wreslting contest.
Come on, that would have been fun.

Bald candidate asked to leave the room mid-interview and returned a few minutes later wearing a wig.
If you have hair on your head, you have no right to judge! Hmph!

Candidate phones her therapist during the interview and ask the correct response to a question.
Might have confused the interview with Who wants to me a Millionaire/Crorepati. There were some interviewes where I wanted to call a lawyer before answering the question.

Candidate demanded to see the interviewer's CV to check they were properly qualified.
Tit-for-tat! Btw why not? He has every right to find out that you are not a harum-scarum.

Another link along the same lines. Hilarious!

Pssst: Come next week and I won't be unemployed. Hurray! My loooooong vacation is coming to an end. And the best part is that I can walk/cycle to work soon. After almost two years of long commutes to London, this feels like a priceless benefit! I can't thank you all enough for your good wishes - I am sure it helped! I believe big in positive energy.

Friday, May 08, 2009

I have seen the elephant!

So I've been hibernating. Well, not from life, but from blogs and the such. Sometimes when you have all the time in the world, you never get anything done - greatest truth in the world. I still don't have a job at the moment, but I don't have a minute to spare! Figure that out!

For those who have been messaging and for others who have been wondering, I am still without a job. Mainly because I refuse to apply to jobs that I feel are not 'my type'. It's better to have a little less money in the bank than to drag yourself to a place everyday for the job - I just don't subscribe to that. I am going strong on that thought for now. Before things change and I too start feeling the desperation, I have decided to enjoy these days. Which means I roam around in my bicycle, am reading and eating a LOT, getting my fitness levels back and in general connecting with myself once again. And it does feel good.

So it happened that I was browsing through the modest collection of books at my library on an unventful day and something caught my eye.
Seeing the Elephant
The ties that bind elephants and humans
Eric Scigliano
For millennia, people all over the world have revered, adored and exploited elephants. In Thailand, a pregnant woman might duck under an elephant's belly to encourage an easy delivery; a tycoon has built an elephant-shaped skyscraper; and pirate loggers feed amphetamines to their elephants to make them haul backbreaking loads. In India, worshippers dance with gilded tuskers at ecstatic temple festivals. Scientists have proposed to restore lost ecosystems by reintroducing the elephants and mammoths that once ruled them. And generation after generation of readers have delighted in Babar, Horton and Dumbo. In a kaleidoscopic account rich in historic lore, surprising science and exotic adventure, Eric Scigliano traces an enduring, extraordinary relationship between species and shows how it still haunts and inspires us today.

I come from a small town that's home to elephants and the pooram (mother of all festivals) and where elephant dung on the road is not a strange sight, and if there's a traffic jam, the culprit could be an elephant slowly making it's way through in the sexy Gajagamini way. My father is a self-confessed elephant-lover, who, if not for my mother, would have by now had an elephant for a pet and would have pampered it like no other. Now this might sound a little ludicrous, but every-time I've had an elephant near me, I always felt uneasy, always felt that the creature was somehow trying to reach out to me - if only it could talk. The feeling was so strong, at times, I have waited expectantly for something to happen.

So I picked up the book without another thought - and I haven't put it down ever since. The long winding narrative could be a turn-off at times, but the topic is so fascinating, I usually don't notice it. This book seems to be product of a life-long research and it is a life well-spent I would say. It talks about hear-says from all over the world about the mostly-ignored Asian elephants and scientific facts about why some of them could be true. The rest of the book is a historic look at the influence elephants have had in the development (or the lack of it) on several countries. There are also interesting passages about mammoths, a very detailed look at the poorams of Kerala, Ganesha - the elephant-headed God, elephants as war-machines, circuses and zoos, Ivory - white gold, and so much more. All I can say is I am hooked.

For those who are interested so far, here's some fascinating excerpts from the book just to get your started from the first chapter

The people of India assert that the tongue of the elephant is upside down, and if it were not for that, it would have spoken.
Muhammad Ibn Musa Kamal ad-Din ad-Damiri, Hayat al-Hayawan (1371)
I swear, I would agree with that!

Such a massive creature, yet it eats only plants!
At least, it wouldn't have to worry about the five-a-day rule!

Its nose and upper lip have fused to form a fifth limb, a trunk, the original multipurpose tool: a crane, forceps, whip, vise, noose, snorkel, shower, vacuum, jet blower, trumpet, bludgeon, and probe - a supple, writhing tentacle, moved by some sixty thousand muscles, which seems a thing of the sea, a precise but mighty instrument that can lift a log or a grain of rice and snap a man's back - as John Van Couvering of the American Museum of Natural History puts it, "the ultimate in giant mammal design."
And put to good use too, when given a chance: the artist in the elephant!

Elephants live sixty to eighty years, the same span as humans, if they are not killed by humans first and don't wreck their health through bad habits; they also enjoy alcohol, and 19th century captives were often given ale or whisky to calm or reward them, and even as daily rations. The ploy sometimes backfired: some elephants were gushy, maudlin drunks and some turned mean - again, just like us. Three of P.T. Barnum's elephants once too a chill after some winter labors and were given three bottles of whisky each. The next day, now recovered, they put on the shivers to get more medicine!
I have heard of stories of elephants ransacking toddy shops in Kerala. A true blood Mallu!

Lieutenant Colonel J. H, Williams, the legendary "Elephant Bill" who led elephant-borne refugees out of wartime Burma, spotted timber elephants plugging the wooden bells around their necks with mud, then sneaking silently into their masters' gardens to steals bananas. A wild South African elephant was observed digging a drinking hole, then plugging it with a large ball of chewed-up bark, concealing it with sand and returning later to drink again. This suggests several behaviours once considered uniquely human: invention, foresight, deception and making and using tools. Elephants have also fabricated fly swatters, back scratchers, water sops and poultices.
Elephant flatulence is nothing next to elephant diarrhea. There's an instance where a zookeeper was knocked over by the 'torrent', passed out and suffocated to death under the dung.
What a way to die!
The nearest equivalent to the taming of elephants is not the domestication of cats or cattle. It is the employment of humans by other humans - or their enslavement. Despite having one of the longest, richest and most intimate associations with humankind of all animals (parasites excluded), the elephant has never been truly domesticated. It has never been bred for domesticity or, until very recently, captive-bred in significant numbers at all. Until the decline in wild elephants' numbers forced bans on their capture, nearly all captive elephants were caught wild or (in Asian logging camps) born from captive females allowed to mate with wild males. Thus, while a fat Hereford scarcely resembles its wild ancestors, and adachshund looks not at all like a wolf, today's "domestic" elephants are still in form and genome full-fledged members of the wild stock, a fact some elephant breeders claim could save that stock if captive-bred animals can be used to replenish it.
This means that unlike beagles, bantams, and other animals bred to the bridle or feedlot, elephants are not wired for the tasks humans want them to do; they must be persuaded. Cooperation and coercion, partnership and intimidation, infuse their training and employment.
Ivory was used to make billiard balls and keys of piano. More than a million elephants have lost their lives so that humankind could play knocking some balls around in a table with holes in the corner.
If you are piqued, pick up the book and say thanks!

PS: 'Seeing the elephant' is also an English idiom.
I maybe unemployed, but I've seen the elephant for sure! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guilt Sprouts

I made sprouts today. Actually I've been 'making' them for 2 days now. It's a long process - you have to submerge them in water for half a day, then tie them up in a damp cloth and keep then in a closed vessel away from sunlight for around two days.

You do all this to trick them into believing that they are under the soil and that it is safe to grow. And grow they did. I now have a bowl full of crunchy sprouts that I am munching on blissfully.

But then, on second thoughts, I gave them hope of life and all I am giving them finally is a free ride through my alimentary canal. Feel a little bit guilty.

PS: If you want to learn to make sprouts, head over here. One of my time-killers these days.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If only I could turn back time

We are inside just another office where everyone seems to be busy. And yes, it's recession time.

He (boss): Hey GWBE, are you free for a minute?

She: Sure, I'll be right with you.
He takes her into a cabin where the bigger boss is also seated. Atmosphere is eerie.

She (thinks): Uh, oh!

He (boss' boss): You know how bad things are. Blah blah blah....I haven't even taken a bonus last year...blah blah blah....we have to reduce costs to save the company....blah blah blah.

She (thinks): This is it! The dreaded moment!

He:...blah blah blah...I am so sorry to say that we've decided to make you redundant. blah blah blah

She (thinks): Great, so finally it has happened to me too.

He: Blah blah...so sorry. Please remember that it's not a reflection on your performance. Blah blah blah...feel free to take the day off.

Now if only I could turn back time, things could have been a little different. Let's try it again.

He (boss): Hey GWBE, are your free for a minute?

She: Sorry, am really tied up. Can this wait till next week?

He: What are you busy with? I know that you are on bench, come on, get in this meeting room!

She: So sorry, send me a meeting request!

He: Wha!!!

So in short, I am unemployed right now and am exploring various ways of keeping myself interested in life in general. On the bright side, I am getting to read all the books that were gathering dust in my living room, and my partner gets better food on the table at the end of the day and also, a small business idea is being nurtured and it's slowly taking shape day by day. And oh yeah, I am sending out the CVs and watching movies too.

Off topic: The Great Sperm Race - watched this programme on TV yesterday night and it was fun. Any kind of science programme would get me interested, but this had a twist as well. The video was trying to mimic the journey of a sperm in real life and compare it to what could the equivalent challenge for humans. Watch it if it sounds interesting and consider yourself heartless if you are not rooting for the sperm by the end of the programme.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tag: QnA

Another tag. This bas been WIP for sometime now and here's the finished product. If you are busy, you wouldn't miss much if you just skip the tag and go straight to the off topic link at the bottom.

Tag instructions:
Use only one word to answer!

1. Where is your cell phone?

I have 3 cellphones! One personal, a Blackberry from work, and another that came bundled with the broadband. Add to it another two mobiles that belong to my partner and music players and camera, my living room is usually cluttered with chargers and handsfree sets. If only there was a standardised format for all the chargers and stuff life would be so much easier! I blame all the clutter in my home on the telecoms who just can't work together on this! Boo to them!

2. Your significant other?

3. Your hair?
Has a mind of it's own.

OK I am breaking the rule here. There's no way I can answer a question on hair in just one word!

4. Your mother?
Far away and in her own world.

5. Your father?
Simple and full of love.

6. Your favorite thing?

7. Your dream last night?

8. Your favorite drink?
Fresh Lime Soda with salt

9. Your dream/goal?
Getting paid to do something I'd pay to do.

10. What room you are in?

11. Your hobby?
Discovering new ways to entertain myself.

12. Your fear?
Losing people I love

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
A place I can call home

14. Where were you last night?
Bed, where else?

15. Muffins?
A moment on the lips, forever on the hips :(
I am not in eating terms with them anymore. Though I don't think they really care.

16. Wish list item?
A flat tummy

17. Where you grew up?
Brilliant Kerala

18. Last thing you did?

19. What are you wearing?
An old IIMK tshirt. Some shirts just grow up on you and get more comfy the more you wear them. I have tshirts that are 15 years old (yeah, they still fit!), and are still are my fav to sleep in. Go figure that out!

20. Your TV?

21. Your pets?
None except Sheru, who's more like a family member. Sheru's an orange puppy with dreamy eyes and has been with me ever since I bought him 5 years ago. He's a stuffed dog btw. I am terrified of the real ones. And I get the feeling that they know it too.

22. Friends?
Can't have enough.

23. Your life?
Peace at last.

24. Your mood?
Relaxed and curious

25. Missing some one?

26. Car?
Costly convenience

27. Something you’re not wearing?

28. Favorite store?
Charity bookshops

29. Your summer?
Bicycle time!

30. Your favorite color?
Blue and Green. It's a tie!

31. When is the last time you laughed?
A minute back. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, of course!

32. Last time you cried?
While watching a movie. Gran Torino.

33. Three people who email me?
Why 3? There are so many!

34. Three of my favorite foods?
Hot and crispy dosa, Anything with spinach in it, Sweet potato in any form

35. Three places I would rather be right now?
In my kitchen making another yummy dosa for myself, on a hammock in Lakshadweep, a warm swimming pool

Now for the handing over part. I tag SM, Cherubic and Juneflower. Come on girls, do it for me :)

Off topic:
Sita Sings the Blues
by Nina Paley
It's a different take on Ramayana, utterly charming and entertaining to the last minute. You'll need around an hour to watch this animation. Don't miss it - it's just what you need to beat the Monday blues!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two more movies!

Vicky Christina Barcelona
A tale of love and sex and a lot of crazy - it might even look like a freak show to some. But it makes you understand how life is for people unlike us and why they sometimes do the crazy things they do. The movie's characters fall into different categories, each strong-willed and well fleshed out - some love the excitement of the unknown and are the ALWAYS-YES-group, the others are the arty ones who nobody really understands or cares about except for their art that people pretend to understand but they dont, and of-course some are the doubting Mary's who are too scared to get out of their comfort zone and prefer to keep to the dull but well-travelled roads and lastly - some repent their decisions and try to live their desires by meddling in others' lives. Sounds complicated - it's not! It's just a little crazy.

In a nutshell, no one is happy in the movie and almost everyone sleeps with everyone else - and the behaviour is kind of glorified as well. Life's short, isn't it - that's how it's justified.

"I love him. But I am not in love with him."
Translates to "I somehow want to get rid of him but I also want to come out of the mess as the saint".
Sometimes a perfectly happy life you had a moment before is shattered to pieces when you get a new frame of reference - sometimes it's a new shiny car or sometimes it's the person you want to marry. When it's the latter, it's time you really had a good look at the way you think. Cause something is not right!

Look out for the character played by Penelope Cruz. The movie takes a dramatic turn the moment she appears on the screen. And she has portrayed so well that little bit of contempt Europeans always seem to have for Americans.

Barcelona looks so charming in the movie. Perfect setting for a tale of love, crazy or not!

But one thing I fail to understand is why would some parents bring a 3-year-old to watch such a movie. You think he/she's too young to understand the hanky-panky? Well, that's when sometimes **** happens!

Billu Barber
Another remake from Priyadarshan - thank God it's not another Akshay Kumar starrer. This one seems to have pushed all the right buttons for me, because, for once I liked the remake a tad more than the original mallu movie. Of course the credit of the story goes to the one and only Sreenivasan!

The story is focused on a chance meeting of two long lost friends. One, a struggling barber and the other, the equivalent of the mighty Khan. I think the movie had more impact in Hindi as a Bollywood star such as SRK leads such a glamorous life and is world famous compared to his counterpart - Mammooty, in the original movie, who leads a pretty normal life in spite of being a big star. The gap between the common man and a movie star is so much more in Bollywood compared to Mollywood. And that's exactly what the movie is based on!

The village the movie is shot in - Pollachi in TN - comes alive in the big screen. Am glad it was shot amidst all the greenery and misty mountains though the vilage is depicted to be in UP - this is so much more pleasing to the eye for sure!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost in movies

Alright. So I am back.

That's not really true as I have been here all along, but was on a forced no-internet mode. More on that and what I've been upto in the next post.

Lately, I've been watching a whole lot of movies within a day or two of their release here. A movie-crazy husband, a multiplex within 2-minute walk from my new place, self inflicted unemployment, a not-so-expensive unlimited movies deal with the promise of a quick 2 hour release from the woes of recession - aren't they enough reasons to go watch a movie? Well, they were for me.

So here's a list of all movies I've seen within the last two months or so and my take on them.

How to lose friends and alienate people
The movie belongs to the genre 'if you saw the trailer, you've seen it all'. The rest of the movie is pure yawn inducing material.

Burn after reading
Not for everyone. But a must watch if you are looking for different and interesting movies. I personally liked the way the storyline was developed. The strong line of actors help too.

Fast paced and a hard-core action movie. A gripping drama about kidnapping. Has my vote as it kept me awake even though I braved a 11PM show.

Eagle eye
Avoidable. Blinding lights throughout the movie put me off. If you like car chases, you might want to watch it, but I am sure you would have seen better even in cartoons.

Aegan (Tamil)
Starring self-proclaimed 'Ultimate superstar' Ajith. The movie is a Tamil spoof of Main Hoon Na and does a terrible job of it. As for the actor Ajith, the only things that stood out were his beer belly and the dark bags under his eyes (which could he why the producer might have insisted that he wear dark glasses throughtout the movie.)

An honest mistake. We were stuck in a mall and had a 2 hour slot that suddenly opened up on our day. So what could be better than watching a movie? Looking back, they were the two hours of my life wasted watching a 'pink' movie. If you love pink and if you adore barbie girl, you might like it. For the rest, reading the terms and conditions on your credit card might prove better use of your time.

Ghost town
If you are a follower of the sitcom 'Office', you might like this movie as it stars the same actor. Otherwise it is a so-so movie. Something to fill an afternoon with just before you fall into that refreshing nap. The movie's about a boring guy and the sudden changes to his life when he finds out that he can see and communicate with dead people. I found this movie a little dragging and with no suspense. It's a very predictable storyline and by the end of the show, I just wanted to get home and nap!

Golmaal returns (Hindi)
Bakwaas. Bheja fry. Kareena's character is so irritating. So was the guy trying to act as a deaf and dumb guy. I had a headache at the end of it.

Quantum of Solace
Was this really a Bond movie? Cause this one seemed to be an imposter. No jazzy gadgets, no style - it was just another average action flick for me. My cine-erudite hubby reasoned that it's the story of the Bond starting out as a trainee in his career and hasn't quite yet acquired the flare and the chutzpah that we have come to expect in 007. Whatever the reason, I got bored watching the movie.

The Warlords (chinese)
It's a story of three blood brothers and their struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval. It's a very gory movie. War in your eyes, but not just another war movie. Very gripping and a must watch.

Easy Virtue
The story is all about the comic situations that arise when you put a typical Brit family and a footloose American together. A fun movie to watch and forget.

Before the rains
Yet another movie that tells the story of an unusual love story set during British Raj. The plus points of this movie are Rahul Bose, Nandita Das and Santosh Sivan's magic! Storyline is quite predictable and ends abruptly. Watch it for the actors if not for the movie. I watched it because it had a Santosh Sivan tag to it. Every frame in the movie is impressive - Kerala captured at her best.

Positive (Malayalam)
Story of four friends who dream big. You have the usual elements of love, comedy, let's-form-a-band, drugs etc that you would expect in a youth movie. Though there no big stars in this one, it's worth a watch.

Vaarunam Aayiram (Tamil)
Clearly this movie is a tribute to the father figure. The story spans two generations and is very endearing. Surya does a brilliant job and superbly portrays the character from the age of 15-30ish and the hero's father from the age of 20-65ish. Great movie, good musical score, a little bit of comedy and drama - in fact a good package. I watched it twice - easily my favourite movie of 2008.

Dostana (Hindi)
Bollywood comes out of the closet? Wish it was done in a better way. I am sure the gays would have felt the same too - realism takes to the backburner in a Bolloywood entertainer. Worth a watch just to see what the hell the hype is all about.

Max Payne
Apparently it is based on a hugely popular video game character. It's a thriller movie with lots of violence and not-so-great acting. It's about a revenge cop......wait a minute! That's all I remember about the movie. Don't think I had a great opinion about it after I watched it, so big deal.

Yuvvraj (Hindi)
I warmed the cineworld seat briefly for 30 minutes - 15 minutes of which were ads. The movie was so bad, I was ashamed to be caught coming out of the hall. Everything sucks in this movie - storyline (if any), acting, dialogue and even the music by A R Rahman isn't that great.

The day the earth stood still
Another alien vs humans movie. I think I fell asleep halfway through. Not recommended.

Rab ne bana di jodi (Hindi)
The tagline 'There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary Jodi' is well deserved by this movie. A simple and predictable story executed very well. Music helps too. Gets a thumps up from me. The decision of the protagonaist to remain simple rather than try to change himself to make himself more lovable was a good message. Something people often ignore when in love, but repent later.

The wrestler
The movie is a drama about a professional wrestler who is well past his prime coming to terms with his life. When health takes a hit, things that were forgotten come to the front row and emotions take a front seat. Liked the movie for the insights it gives us commoners into a specialist profession like wrestling. Apparently the backstage scenes were all real scenes captured after real matches.

Chandi chowk to China (Hindi)
Total bakwaas. Not my kind of movie. We left the cinema in 20 minutes.

Ghajini (Hindi)
A distorted version of Memento and a frame to frame copy of Ghajini (Tamil). If you haven't watched the movie in Tamil, you might like this one. Else, the Surya starrer in Tamil wins hands down - try to watch one with subtitles. I could be biased too as I would prefer a Surya movie to an Aamir movie anyday!

Slumdog millionaire
A behind the scenes story of KBC. An unexpected turn of events brilliantly depicted. But somehow the English dialogues spoiled the fun for me. Renewed the love-hate relationship I have with Mumbai while watching this movie. Definitely worth the money and the time spent.

Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa
An impressive sequel. It's as funny as it gets! Planning to watch this once again.

Seven pounds
A different kind of Will Smith movie. The movie builds up very slowly and after sometime you realise that the main theme in this movie is death. It's depressing and uplifiting at the same time. I got a little bored midway though.

A movie in between a documentary and a drama. It managed to keep me interesed through-out, but if you've already seen the related videos on youtube you might be left wondering 'So what's the big deal' in the end. This movie also brings to light the hard research that goes behind a programme you watch on TV.

I watched this Tom Cruise starrer around the same time I was following the 'Remembering Anne Frank' series in BBC. The plot of the movie is based on one of the numerous assassination attempts made at Hitler. The play of emotions and the scare of death are shown very well and you just can't escape that sinking feeling in the bottom of the stomach when you realise that something has gone terriby gone and there's no escape. A movie that makes you feel sorry for those who had Hitler written in their destiny. But it also brings to attention that our woes like the recession and the like pales in comparison.

Luck by chance (Hindi)
Another movie showcasing the behind scenes drama of Bollywood. Performances are brilliant - Farhan, Konkona, Juhi Chawla and Rishi Kapoor. Some of the dark secrets of the industry are brought out through humorous incidents that run along the main story where a lot of wannabes try desperately to get into the movies - by hook or crook!

The curious case of Bejamin button
Story line is simple - a person born looking old and grows backward throughout his life. It's a 3 hour movie that shows this extraordinary man's journey through life - his moments of lonliness and happiness, the love he finds and the love he has to let go and the way he finds peace with his existence. The movie looks fabulous - but you feel a little silly watching the movie. So what is it - sci fi? Or maybe you are watching somebody's dream.

He's just not that into you
A movie made for gals who find it hard to understand when a guy says NO. The movie blames it on the way we are brought up - always trying to see the postive and to hide the uglies under the blanket. The only reason for me to go see the movie was Jennifer Aniston who entertains me most evenings even now through FRIENDS. So this was my way of saying thank you :)
It's an average movie and a good timepass. Guys might find it boring though.

Revolutionary road
Definitely not a commercial movie. This much hyped about movie starring Leonardo and Kate Winslet is as different as it could be from Titanic. It brings out the touchy subject of 'what you really want to do in life' and how most of us are scared to walk down that road less travelled and to what extent some people may go to get a little closer to what they want. It's not a movie you can enjoy, but is definitely worth a watch if you like attention to detail and movies that go delve into the subject. And yeah, great acting too!

Bolt - 3D
After 'My dear Kuttichathan' seen around 20 years ago, this would be the only other 3D movie I've had the chance to watch. The 3D effects are amazing and it shouldn't be long before all cinema and TV are shown in 3D. This animated movie is a tale of a dog trying to get back to it's beloved owner. The interesting bit is that the dog thinks very highly of itself - a superdog, whereas it's just another ordinary mutt. A fun movie but feels a little too long.

Phew! Lost track of time. Am almost late for the next movie!


She, washing up in the kitchen : "Grrr...that does it. I want a dishwasher. Recession or not!"

He, watching TV: "We don't need a dishwasher honey, you've got me."

She: "I want one that wouldn't watch TV all day. I want one that works."