Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two more movies!

Vicky Christina Barcelona
A tale of love and sex and a lot of crazy - it might even look like a freak show to some. But it makes you understand how life is for people unlike us and why they sometimes do the crazy things they do. The movie's characters fall into different categories, each strong-willed and well fleshed out - some love the excitement of the unknown and are the ALWAYS-YES-group, the others are the arty ones who nobody really understands or cares about except for their art that people pretend to understand but they dont, and of-course some are the doubting Mary's who are too scared to get out of their comfort zone and prefer to keep to the dull but well-travelled roads and lastly - some repent their decisions and try to live their desires by meddling in others' lives. Sounds complicated - it's not! It's just a little crazy.

In a nutshell, no one is happy in the movie and almost everyone sleeps with everyone else - and the behaviour is kind of glorified as well. Life's short, isn't it - that's how it's justified.

"I love him. But I am not in love with him."
Translates to "I somehow want to get rid of him but I also want to come out of the mess as the saint".
Sometimes a perfectly happy life you had a moment before is shattered to pieces when you get a new frame of reference - sometimes it's a new shiny car or sometimes it's the person you want to marry. When it's the latter, it's time you really had a good look at the way you think. Cause something is not right!

Look out for the character played by Penelope Cruz. The movie takes a dramatic turn the moment she appears on the screen. And she has portrayed so well that little bit of contempt Europeans always seem to have for Americans.

Barcelona looks so charming in the movie. Perfect setting for a tale of love, crazy or not!

But one thing I fail to understand is why would some parents bring a 3-year-old to watch such a movie. You think he/she's too young to understand the hanky-panky? Well, that's when sometimes **** happens!

Billu Barber
Another remake from Priyadarshan - thank God it's not another Akshay Kumar starrer. This one seems to have pushed all the right buttons for me, because, for once I liked the remake a tad more than the original mallu movie. Of course the credit of the story goes to the one and only Sreenivasan!

The story is focused on a chance meeting of two long lost friends. One, a struggling barber and the other, the equivalent of the mighty Khan. I think the movie had more impact in Hindi as a Bollywood star such as SRK leads such a glamorous life and is world famous compared to his counterpart - Mammooty, in the original movie, who leads a pretty normal life in spite of being a big star. The gap between the common man and a movie star is so much more in Bollywood compared to Mollywood. And that's exactly what the movie is based on!

The village the movie is shot in - Pollachi in TN - comes alive in the big screen. Am glad it was shot amidst all the greenery and misty mountains though the vilage is depicted to be in UP - this is so much more pleasing to the eye for sure!


rakuboy said...

hey.. how didya know it was Pollachi?? I thought it was somewhere down south as I saw coconut trees in background which was nowhere in sight on all my trips to UP hinterland...
but, I still liked Barber Balan much more than Billu.. i felt SRK's star power overshadowed the essence of the movie a tad bit.. and the satire that is so great in all Sreeni movies was somehow lost in translation...

Vishy said...

So many movies!! Havent you joined work yet?

Sandeep V. said...

Shucks, so vella that you've actually begun reviewing porn on your family-rated blog.

Get a life, lady. India beckons. :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

It looked like Kerala to me too - with so much greenery and the coconut trees and paddy fields. But it's not - the location was mentioned in the credits. It's right next to Palghat, hence the greenery!

Oye I am working my ass off these days. Watching movies and writing about them are stressbusters for me you see!

Rinchen said...

I'm definitely going to watch Vicky Christina Barcelona. You wrote a most interesting review and I'm already searching for it.

As for Billu Barber, I'd initially planned to give it a miss. Not into SRK these days. But will watch it now... thanks to your post :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Firstly, good to see you here :)
And secondly, who said this was a family-rated blog? :P
And you are just J, aren't you?

I am sure you'll like the Barcelona movie! It'll have you in splits for sure!

Dream'R said...

srk srk srk...all the way..luvd billu...though no1 can hold a candle to sreenivasan, the hindi version was quite nice too..maybe its the srk fan in me talking but sahir khan was awesome..!! oh and irrfan khan wasnt bad either..!!

Sandeep V. said...

I cant impress upon you how peaceful I am now that I no longer have to contend with cinema and TV. They nearly always stress me out big time.

Cris said...

Not sure if you've already done this one but I just tagged you.

Viajero said... gave the oscar to penelope b4 the awards itself :-)...
Billu without the barber was had an offensive to title for the barbers of India....wondering what was so offensive about the word, whether a proposal to change that word will be there or not...

Dream'R said... no new entry eh!!!hmmmphhh

Hari said...

Penelope got the award, at the end of the day, right?

And, must see Billu. :D Priyadarsan is a master at lifting. :P

Btw, what's with the sudden obsession with movies? :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Totally agree with you! Sreenivasan rocks.

Heh heh you are just jealous.

Finally managed to kick myself to do it.

:) I was so thrilled to see that she got what she deserved.
And about the barber issue - it's gonna take a long time for our society to accept the fact that blue collar workers are no less than the white collar ones. Long way to go.

Of course! Nobody else stood a chance.
Heard that Priyadarshan's Kanjivaram is creating waves. Itching to see it next.
Lots of time at hand + movie-crazy partner + cheap tickets = sudden obsession with movies