Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guilt Sprouts

I made sprouts today. Actually I've been 'making' them for 2 days now. It's a long process - you have to submerge them in water for half a day, then tie them up in a damp cloth and keep then in a closed vessel away from sunlight for around two days.

You do all this to trick them into believing that they are under the soil and that it is safe to grow. And grow they did. I now have a bowl full of crunchy sprouts that I am munching on blissfully.

But then, on second thoughts, I gave them hope of life and all I am giving them finally is a free ride through my alimentary canal. Feel a little bit guilty.

PS: If you want to learn to make sprouts, head over here. One of my time-killers these days.


dinu said...

Is this snap shot by you ? Very good one then..

Rinchen said...

I dont like sprouts. But its funny that you "made them" for two days :P

And I didnt know how to make them either!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Phew! Tx Dinu.
I consider this quite a compliment coming from you!

You don't say! Sprouts are delicious with some limejuice to chat masala on them. Supposed to be a very healthy snack too.
Now I sound like my mom!

rakuboy said...

hey.. u've got company!!
I just had sprouts for Lunch... have been making them quite often eversince I discovered that my pants no longer fit... recession alle.. so decided to loose some weight rather than get new pants ;)

Aparna K said...

Nice :-) Isn't it so rewarding to make stuff from scratch!

You might be interested in some of the recipes here, all based on sprouts (brown chickpeas, moongdal sprouts...):

That food blog is one of the best!

allirekha said...


new to ur blog ...find this interesting ...

yeah sprouts are really healthy...Amma mix it with salad n I eat it almost everyday...

കവിത - kavitha said...

yeah, they are yummy. try with Sprouted Green(cherupayar) and Horse Gram (muthira).

Anonymous said...

just buy a sprout maker..local one cost INR 300 and from Tupperware is for INR 600 :)

No soaking/killing/living hope is needed to be thought :)haha

Anonymous said...

No posts for quite some time...back to job or prep for a new job?

raised hand said...

Hey priya,

Got something every NRI should watch, check this out...

Hari said...

Wow!! :P Hope I get to eat a sample sometime! :D

Mahesh said...

Hi Priya,

Can you help me get a job somewhere?

Remya said...

Hey howz it going??? any luck with job hunt?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I was pretty surprised to hear that. But good move - keep going!

Thanks for the link dear. Have been hooked to it ever since.

Lucky you. I miss the days when things would magically appear in a plate in front of me and all I had to was eat them. Sigh!

Haven't had muthira in such a long time.

It's just the same isn't it?

Neither :)

Raised hand,
Thanks. It is one of the few shows that I follow. Hilarious, isn't it?

You haven't yet? Boy, are you missing something!

That's the funniest line I have heard in a long time! :)

Not yet, but maybe soon! Tx for checking!