Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If only I could turn back time

We are inside just another office where everyone seems to be busy. And yes, it's recession time.

He (boss): Hey GWBE, are you free for a minute?

She: Sure, I'll be right with you.
He takes her into a cabin where the bigger boss is also seated. Atmosphere is eerie.

She (thinks): Uh, oh!

He (boss' boss): You know how bad things are. Blah blah blah....I haven't even taken a bonus last year...blah blah blah....we have to reduce costs to save the company....blah blah blah.

She (thinks): This is it! The dreaded moment!

He:...blah blah blah...I am so sorry to say that we've decided to make you redundant. blah blah blah

She (thinks): Great, so finally it has happened to me too.

He: Blah blah...so sorry. Please remember that it's not a reflection on your performance. Blah blah blah...feel free to take the day off.

Now if only I could turn back time, things could have been a little different. Let's try it again.

He (boss): Hey GWBE, are your free for a minute?

She: Sorry, am really tied up. Can this wait till next week?

He: What are you busy with? I know that you are on bench, come on, get in this meeting room!

She: So sorry, send me a meeting request!

He: Wha!!!

So in short, I am unemployed right now and am exploring various ways of keeping myself interested in life in general. On the bright side, I am getting to read all the books that were gathering dust in my living room, and my partner gets better food on the table at the end of the day and also, a small business idea is being nurtured and it's slowly taking shape day by day. And oh yeah, I am sending out the CVs and watching movies too.

Off topic: The Great Sperm Race - watched this programme on TV yesterday night and it was fun. Any kind of science programme would get me interested, but this had a twist as well. The video was trying to mimic the journey of a sperm in real life and compare it to what could the equivalent challenge for humans. Watch it if it sounds interesting and consider yourself heartless if you are not rooting for the sperm by the end of the programme.


Hari said...


Joblessness monster eh? Don't worry sis.. things will be okay. It's just a matter of time. Make use of all your free time productively. I'm sure you'll get to enjoy more!

Even if you'd said no to that guy, I don't think it would've helped... hehe! :D

I downloaded that on torrent last week, btw. Channel 4 documentaries rock. I'm a huge fan!!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Can't really believe that this happening to someone I know? Really shocked to hear this :(.

But i guess this is the time in your life when one should take up things that have been put off for a long time, like learning some new hobby, taking a break etc?

കവിത - kavitha said...

hmm: :-( Guess it is the time to enhance ones skills. All the best for a better placement soon.

OT: Channel 4 has had some amazing programs. A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex was one such series, I remember watching when I was there. Truly worth watching though it is strictly adults' matrial

Rinchen said...

With someone as smart and talented as yourself, its not your loss and secondly, you'll be back working your butt off before you know it!

So I really envy your time off! You're getting to do all the things I would give my right arm for.


Rinchen said...

Thirdly (I'm sorry I forgot to add this - click-happy fingers I got)

I hate recession. I remember losing my first job. Arrgghhh...

But as it turns out, everything happens for a good reason :)

Surya said...

Sorry to hear this. Didnt know you were in UK. we should catch up sometime. I live in Colchester. Though work and friends bring me to London occasionally. Good luck with the job search and/or biz. Cheers, S.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

I know it wouldn't change things, but at least I could have had a laugh thinking about it! Now I have to imagine it and laugh. More work, you see :)

Enjoy the videos!

Same sentiment, only a slight difference. I couldn't believe that it was happening to me!

Oh yeah, I remember that program. I used to set a reminder for it in the TV every week - the only problem was that it was televised in the middle of the night. 11PM is midlle of the night for me!

Tx buddy. I hope things work out soon, if not I am going to start enjoying this leisurely life too much and decide to stay off work for the rest of my life.

Btw, lemme know if there's anything else you would want added to that list. I can do that for you :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you arent trying to fool us for the 1st of April

aynzoya said...


Had been reading your blog for a while.. but this recent post compelled me to leave a comment. I am in your position for a while. Recession hurts! and it is hurting me big time. My problem is exponentiated with a visa issue as well. Came to join my husband post-marriage thinking that a seven year experience would easily land me in a job in no time. But as it turns out that the company who sponsored my visa went down in this recession time and there is no one who are willing to take me up..

well!! looks like.. I am into my usual rants!..

Anyway, I wanted to comment to say that I am amazed by your capability to be optimist and have the sense of humor awake. My life is dwindling between lows and rock bottoms these days.. How are you doing this?

remabh said...

something that Im worried about every day at my work...

Good luck in job hunting GWBE .. I hope you find something soon..

AK said...

Good to see the sense of humour intact.. didn't you enjoy making those sprouts more than a lot of things you did at office.. ;) .. tc

Shanks_P said...

Sambvami guye guye :), everything happens for the best and its never for ever .... you know better than us :D
Between enjoying videos in channel 4!
Hope u will get more time to scribble here and more comments....

wish u happy times at home


Girl With Big Eyes said...

Didn't know you were here either. Always thought you were in Amsterdam. I would very much like to meet up. Hopefully sometime soon! When you find yourself in London and have some time to kill, do ping me. I could also plan a trip somewhere near Colchester and we can catch up!

How I wish my boss was trying to fool me!

I went through all that the day I heard the news. But then a wise person once told me - 'it never makes sense to cry more than 5 minutes for anything. It's just not worth it!'
Another wise person told me - 'maybe this could be the experience you proudly explain when you are interviewing for that CxO role sometime in the future and how you handled the lowest point in your career to your advantage.'
I am lucky to know a lot of wise people, it keeps me going :)
Btw why don't we start a 'Laid off but will not fade off' club? Will ping you!

Tx! Stop worrying and start doing something about it. Look for other opportunities and maybe try to make yourself indispensable. It's difficult as I've realised that the in most offices it's the coffee-machine and the printer that's considered the most indispensable! Good luck.

In fact, I did. If only I get paid to do it and it'll be perfect :)

Tx! Hopefully I will have more time and motivation to write. Not sure about it cause I find my days more packed than when I used to work as I trying pack in everything that I always want to do in every day - and that's a lot!

And thanks a lot for the wishes everyone. Much appreciated.

Jomy G Joy said...

Hey Priya, feels bad to hear! :-(

All the best with your job hunting! Anyway, enjoy your forced vacation for sometime!

AK said...

now here comes the interesting part.. you should make a pay-for-work arrangement at home ;) who wouldn't want to miss those sprouts.. :) tc

Ms.N said...

hey -

I read this post a while back, but wanted to come back to leave a comment. i hope things look better for u soon...

but i have to say i like the name of ur club 'Laid off but will not fade off' :) ...

Rivas said...

I got a couple of other scenarios for you:

Scene I
Boss: Hey, I have something to tell you.
She: Hey, I have something to tell you too. I QUIT!!!

Scene II
Boss: Hey, I have something to tell you.
She: I am suing you for harrasment.

Scene III (and by far the best)
Boss: Hey, I have something to tell you.
She: Boss... Is this a good time to talk to you about that Andulasian Trip that I was thinking about?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Sorry for the late replies guys, I have been going crazy (in a good way) with all the sudden free time! :)

Jomy, Ms. N,

I don't know if it will be fun for me once I start making them for money. Btw, not many people like sprouts.

Well, the scenarios wouldn't really fit with mine as I really enjoyed the place I was at and the boss was a very sweet person as well. But, thanks! :)