Friday, May 22, 2009

How to nail an interview, NOT!

The last three months I've been reading a lot about applying for jobs, interviews, CVs, etc in the hope that I'll arrive at a secret formula to nail that elusive job. After a lot of trials and errors, I realised that there's no such secret formula. Unless you are qualified for the role and can express the same clearly and show the maturity needed for the role, noone can help you.

During my research, I happened to see this book 'Turn Redundancy into Opportunity' in my library. It felt as if that book was written for me (and the millions of others in the same shoes!) and I picked it up. To be honest, I learnt nothing new and dismissed it in 10 minutes. But it did give me a good laugh though.

I quote:
Recruitment company, Robert Half, asked 300 major UK employers for examples of their more unusual job candidates at interview.
Candidate fell asleep during interview.
Poor guy might have been up all night preparing for the interview! Give him a break.

Candidate tried to take his clothes off
Desperate measures!

Candidate confessed to being a convicted murderer.
At least he was honest!

Candidate challenged interviewer to an arm-wreslting contest.
Come on, that would have been fun.

Bald candidate asked to leave the room mid-interview and returned a few minutes later wearing a wig.
If you have hair on your head, you have no right to judge! Hmph!

Candidate phones her therapist during the interview and ask the correct response to a question.
Might have confused the interview with Who wants to me a Millionaire/Crorepati. There were some interviewes where I wanted to call a lawyer before answering the question.

Candidate demanded to see the interviewer's CV to check they were properly qualified.
Tit-for-tat! Btw why not? He has every right to find out that you are not a harum-scarum.

Another link along the same lines. Hilarious!

Pssst: Come next week and I won't be unemployed. Hurray! My loooooong vacation is coming to an end. And the best part is that I can walk/cycle to work soon. After almost two years of long commutes to London, this feels like a priceless benefit! I can't thank you all enough for your good wishes - I am sure it helped! I believe big in positive energy.


సందీప్ said...

hi GWBE,
congratulations on ur new job!

I stumbled on ur blog a few days ago and been busy catching up with all those old posts.Especally loved the ones on IIMK! Now i feel kinda bad that i've joined a tier2 B school instead of an IIM.

PS: Add one more loyal follower to ur list!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the job !! Treat ??

Jomy G Joy said...

Hey Priya, thatz great news! Congrats!!!

How many movies/books did you finish during the last 2-3 months? Can we expect another review blog? :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for job GWBE... But that shouldn't mean cutting down on ur posts..

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Congrats on the new job! Hope you'll come up with a detailed post on how to actually turn a jobless time into useful time. Please please don't cut down on the number of posts!

Looking forward to the new jobs' experiences and boss bitching ;)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Tx! Yeah, I too like the IIMK posts - more so becuase they were lovely memories and the best two years of my life so far. Sigh!
Thanks for subscribing.

Thanks! Phew!
Movies - countless. I thought of reviewing them here, but more movies came in the way and I didn't have the guts to fight them!
Books - not too many, but around 5-6. I think I'll get to read more once I start work. It's easy when you have a routinue to stick to, things just fall apart when I know that I have the entire day to laze around.

Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be more active around here.

I wish I knew how to do that (turn a jobless time into useful time) - I could make millions of it and not take up a job then!
But yeah more posts on the way - but not about work.

കവിത - kavitha said...

hey congrats..:-)

3 of my friends who lost their jobs during this time..

the first one decided to do her masters.

the second one, vacationing in India with her one year old.

the third one decided to start a family. managed to conceive with in the very first opportunity(within a month) after 4 yrs or marriage. I would say 100% success rate.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Should be telling you Cheers! along with congratulations :D


Hari said...

Hearty congrats from my part, sis! :D Really happy that you found a productive job for yourself and that your joblessness monster has gone. :-)

Hoping to read more about your new job in this blog!

Off Topic:Sis, err... you had all the time in the world during these jobless days, right? Then why didn't you blog??!! ;)

Remya said...

lol those are funny... but I liked the last one better. There were several times when I wished to see the interviewer's cv. Some are really dumb.

Remya said...

& yes btw... congrats on the new job :)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Your friends' experiences sound too good to be true. It's almost as if someone else was carefully planning all this!

I am saying it almost everyday now!

I won't be blogging about my job here - don't want to mix things up as I am used to getting my foot in my mouth.

And about blogging - it's when you have nothing to do that you feel like you have the busiest day! At least I do as I try to pack in as much as I can in the 16 hours that I am awake. But hopefully now that my life's back to a routine, I shall be more regular.


VKM said...

Congrats pts..

dinesh said...

Sorry, really very funny questions, can't believe.

full_moon_p said...

Hey, I read the so called book too. And I have visited the same link. I like your style. Sure to come back for more! Keep writing.

Doug Stowell (Interview Tip) said...

I have been interviewing candidates for about 20 years and have come across some beauties. One candidate did admit to me that he had been up all night drinking (it was pretty obvious) and wanted me to go to the pub with him to continue the interview there as he felt that another beer would settle his nerves!

I really enjoyed your post,